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Question about my TURP (Transurethral resection of the prostate)

Question: I had a TURP (rotor rooter of the penis) Since then, I don’t ejaculate, but have all the feelings. Will I ever start to cum again? I have noticed some in my pee after I masturbate.

Woodeye: What does the doctor say?

Sounds to me what you are experiencing is retrograde ejaculation. Have you asked the doctor about it?

Retrograde ejaculation…ulation/DS00913

Yes, that is what it is called. It is one of the side effects of that procedure. I knew beforehand. Just hoping it would go away.

after effects of a TURP

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Yes, I have had the same experience. I was told by my Urologist that only 25% of men who have a TURP can ejaculate normally afterwards. My partner had a TURP and he is one of the fortunate ones. My orgasms are quite strong but I don’t get hardons as easily as I did prior to the TURP.

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