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PSA testing (Prostate info.)


I had a complete physical 2 weeks ago, I schedule one always at the first of the year. I have also heard to not drink or smoke before the blood test and the swirlly finger. I have a female doctor with little fingers. My health is above average for my age

I don’t know why it sounds wierd to have a female doctor doing that. I should think that about my male doctor.

Uh oh, does that mean… I’m gay? :eek:

Seriously, I had a false positive once and it was kind of stressful. After reading about it, I figured it was PE or sex or my terrible masturbation habit. They don’t tell you before the test about all the things you shouldn’t be doing.

The retest was fine.

Horny Bastard

I’m with tntjockey, I like the slender fingers of the 3 female docs that have done rectals on me. The only problem was the time that one of them thought she (or I, haven’t figured out which) needed a chaperon. Having some guy watch while a woman sticks a gloved finger up your butt and tickles your prostate is not my idea of fun (though neither is the rectal).

No one ever tells what to or not to do before most doctor visits. Ever have a urine study done after sex or masturbation and get told you have mucous in your urine? You get either a weird look, a thumbs up or a wink from your female doc. :)

I like my female doc. I went to a male doctor once and only once. I felt his finger up my ass for days. I swear my eye balls popped out when he checked me. Now then, on the other hand, when my female doctor does the hernia cough thing while holding my balls, my dick seems to never want to show his head. Sort of shrivels same time every year, it gets shy, so she probably thinks I really do have a small one.


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