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Please help.

Please help.

OK guys here’s the deal.. I’m wondering why this is the way it is.. I’m uncut.. And when I’m erect my foreskin only comes a quarter to halfway down the head of my penis.and I can manage to get it behind the head.. By forcefully rolling the skin back.. It doesn’t hurt too much but it still causes a bit of pain.. Is there a way to stretch it out or resolve this issue.

Wash it more often and use some baby oil.

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Read this, then do a search here on “phimosis.”

GRADUAL stretching (should I underline that, too) :) , can help. There is also a very simple surgery that is not circumcision, just some snips.



I was actually like dying to have a circumcision done for years but from what I’ve been reading on here.. People want foreskin.. What would that procedure be called and what would it consist of if I may ask.

OK I’m going to rephrase this.. It’s mainly just on the underside of the head where the skin is tight.. When I’m flaccid I can manage to get the skin 3/4 of the way down it’s tight.. And when I fully retract the skin it wants to pull the head downward.. It seems that this is the base of my issue.. Does that help any?

Wow! Very enlightening. About as long as I can remember, I’ve wished that I was uncut. Now, I guess I’m not so sure. Thanks for the “edumacation” avocet98 and westla90060.

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Hey thanks alot.this helps so much.I’m actually considering something like this now that I have been informed of my situation.

Pssssssst Jimmy, spaces between sentences and capitalize first letters of sentences, thanks.

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