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Peeing problem

Peeing problem

Before sex, i go take a piss to make sure i won’t have to pee later on. However, today, even thought I took a piss, I still had a peeing sensation while have sex. I had to stop, take off condom, go to bathroom, get a new condom, and so on. Anybody have any suggestions? I have a small bladder and all, but this is ridiculous. Another problem I have is becoming erect. I think it’s just performance anxiety, but it is quite annoying. I did a search on thunders for it, and most say to just relax, clear head, think of happy thoughts and etc. Well, that’s just not cutting it for me. Any other suggestions?

There are a lot of solutions for this, including monitoring your beverage intake before any possibility of sex. Don’t drink a lot of coffee or tea, both are diuretics and will make your bladder fuller faster.

A short course of Viagra or Cialis will get you over the bump of performance anxiety. Use it a couple times and pack it away somewhere.

Easy to say, “Relax, Go with the flow, Be cool.” Doesn’t work that way in the heat of the moment for a lot of us when the pressure is on.



How much fluids do you usually drink, especially before sex? I too get the urge to piss after I have sex, I think its just a biological thing that happens to men. It’s actually good to pee after you have sex with a new partner (even with a condom) that you’re not sure of their health, because it helps clean out your urethra. Maybe that is why we have that reflex?

Perhaps you get that feeling from the seminal fluids that will start to ooze from your unit during sex. The only thing I can think of is continue taking a leak before sex and eat something like bread to absorb some of it in your stomach before it ends up in bladder again.

Do you have a high metabolism too?

Hmmm…. is high metabolism the same as fast metabolism? because, yeah, it seems no matter how much I eat, I don’t put on much weight. The thing was yesterday, I pissed before sex, than during sex, and then a couple times after sex. All I drank was about 10 ounces of apple cider too.


Talk to your doctor about overactive bladder snydrome. It is treatable.

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