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Paranoid about HIV, HELP


Paranoid about HIV, HELP

I talked with a few people, one of them being base, but I’m really paranoid and would like more opinions.


I attempted sex with a girl, using a condom. I went limp. She said she would do anal sex without a condom. I tried. I went limp after 10 seconds. She told me she was clean at the time but I just recently found out she has never been tested and she is quite the whore. Should I be worried about getting HIV from that story?

I don’t understand. Did you penetrate or not?

Yes. There is always a chance.

One word: Yes.
Anyone in the dating scene should be concerned.
HIV is only one of MANY STD’s out there.


Penetration lasted for 10 seconds.

Anal sex actually puts you at a higher risk for transmission.

Certainly get tested. But it takes about 6 months after exposure to the virus for enough antibodies to be produced by the body to be detected by the test.

Don’t ever do anal without a condom again.

That said, chances are that you’re okay. Make sure to go talk to a doc and get tested to set your mind at ease.

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I would like to know how fluid exchange could occur in this scenario. I was the inserter, which I read statistically 1/500 get infected, furthermore, it was only 10 seconds. Anyone with medical background know?

You are probably alright, but even still you owe it to yourself as a sexually active male to get checked, once six months after the encounter and then sex months after that. I always wrap my weiner but I still test for STDs once a year. I don’t believe “not knowing is better,” because I believe if you can discover an illness early enough you can prolong your life. On the other end of things, don’t spend every waking moment worrying about this, it’s equally bad for your immune system even if you are not infected to be worrying about being infected.

Also, as far as believing what your partner tells you about their sex life, I would not trust them. Adult’s are simply little children. They may not be childish but they are child-like; They will try and get away with anything.

Did you use lube when you were checking her oil? Or did you decide to play wet wheeling 4x4 with no assiatnce in the mud?

There was an interesting article I posted many moons ago about Lemon Juice does something to halt that disease ONLY in the lab. I don’t know how valid it is, but it does make a good read.

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You don’t actually need to exchange large amounts of fluids, though someone correct me if I’m wrong. The friction from intercourse can give you tiny cuts or abrasions, particularly on or near the glans that could allow you to contract an STI.

Everyone should be paranoid about HIV/AIDS especially when you throw the dice when having any kind of sex unprotected with the hope your dick comes out clean.

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There was no lube involved.. I just tried ramming it in.. Gently.

I love your phrasing of ramming something gently into her ass. Next time get a foot job or bang her arm pit. It does make good quifing noises.

Ask around to everyone esle that rode her merry-go-round and see if they caught something so far. Get tested too. Best of luck and I hope all turns out good.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

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