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Odd question


Bummer dude

I’m no sex expert. I just tell couples I am so I can sleep with the wife or girlfriend.

Sounds like a mental thing to me. She has climaxed with other guys? (don’t take it personally if so)

She also sounds like she’s holding back on opening up to you about the real issue. But that’s just my opinion, not an excuse to beat it out of her.:)

Try not stressing over it. You guys may just need to get over the hump (bad pun intended). The more pressure,the less likely it will happen. So be natural about it.

Try more time on foreplay.Not just the physical (because you seem to be doing that) but in the hours leading up to it as well,mentally and verbally. My ex gf would get worked up about my teasing her about what I wanted to do with her when we would be alone. Such as describing what we had done in the past, and how it made me feel etc.

Maybe she just needs more time to warm up than some girls. Hell, try a dirty video she might like, if she’s into that sort of thing. Once you manage the first one or two,the rest will likely be easier.

Good luck man,let us know how it goes. I’m sure the ladies can offer better advice than I can.

Yes, thanks for the great feedback Jersey! I too believe she is holding something back, I’m not going to beat it out of her. And I’ll try not to worry about it. It seems to be effecting both of us. I’m just going to let things unfold naturally. There’s plenty of time. She’s an amazing girl.

I’m still going to PE.

Hey again people, thanks for the discussion, have been a bit busy so I have only just had time to read it all, I would like you guys to continue with it… I will tell you a bit more..

Even if you people think she might be lying… her ex was 10 inches, and she was married to him for 7 years, had sex on and off, said she didn’t like it, didn’t achieve orgasm. She was disgusted by him and didn’t like him, put up with the marriage cos she had kids with him and didn’t think she deserved anyone else… I just wonder, Wouldn’t a 10 inch dick get her off if she liked it or not cos of the stimulation factor?? and wouldn’t this be hitting her so-called “cul-de-sac” ??

Thanks a lot for all replies, I will try to add more to the discussion, Thanks to the women that have chipped in too, you are valuable to this topic, good luck with gains.


I keep getting really depressed, her having 7 years with 10 inches, he could probably last a 100 times longer than me too.

If people could answer my previous post above, and also tell me if there are ways of increasing my sperm count permenantly?

Thanks so much.


Dude she’s with you,not him. And from what you are saying,she didn’t hold him in very high regard.

Sex for anyone,especially a woman,is not going to be fondly recalled when you think the person is an absolute jerk. And he isn’t going to be a “stud” as a lover just because he was bigger. If anything,at that size, he probably would have to be extra careful just not to hurt her,so I wouldn’t sweat it if I were you.


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