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I have been doing allot of research on this topic, and Deprenyl is a standard treatment for Parkinson’s disease. It has been used by many for years as a nootropic “smart drug”. It has very little bad side effects, but many good side effects from its use. Here are some links if you like to read more about it…

As we age, our dopamine activity and pathways diminishes. And if we all lived long enough we all would develop Parkinson’s. With the use of deprenyl not only do you maintain a health dopamine environment in the brain for many years to come, there is some other benefits…

1. Increased memory.
2. improved sexual functions.
3. 20% increase in life expectancy.

Just do a little searching on the net for all the relative articles and you will come to find out the benefits of this drug.

You can not buy it here in the states, but you are allowed to purchase up to 3 months supply from overseas… legally and without a prescription. At 30 to 40 years of age you are recommended 1 mg a day, younger people should not use this drug. Here is a link so you can purchase it…


Why shouldn’t young people use this drug?

Reasons being that dopamine activity is still very much alive and well in people under the age of 30. I’m not sure why they say not to use it if under 30, but it may lead to a dopamine, serotonin in balance that may not be good.


There is ways around it, but then we are getting into brain altering alchemy, that I think best not be posted. People like to try new things and messing with your brain with these drugs is not good unless you do allot of research on doses and the use of them.


Another question

About the memmory boosting power, is it short-term, long term, or both? Is it all crystalized intelligence ( previously learned knowledge and experience which continues to accumulate across the life span)? I assume it can’t help fluid intelligence which lowers with age (basically the opposite of the previous sentance).

Bromocriptine works even better. I used it for a while (I have used both for pro-sexual effects).

resuscitating a thread after 7 years has gotta be a record.

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This deprenyl is indeed very cool, but…

regimen of 2 x 5 mg daily of selegiline irreversibly inhibits over 90% of MAO-B in the basal ganglia, the location of over 80% of dopamine in the human brain. This level of MAO-B inhibition leads to a 40%-70% increase in synaptic dopamine. “

…it could literally turn you into a sex maniac and maybe that would interfere with some important parts of your life(besides sex)

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Isn’t there something called parmi which is similar to this but with very strong prosexual effects? I think someone has posted something about this in this forum.

I believe you mean Pramipexole and the topic is 8 x 8 - Can You Guys believe this Drug?!? if it’s not that one then I am at a loss.been doing a search for selegiline and it is incredibly cheap which according to my understanding treats the same illness.

Yes, it is pramipexole. Apparently, it is very effective in reducing the refractory period.

Originally Posted by LordAaron
I believe you mean Pramipexole and the topic is 8 x 8 - Can You Guys believe this Drug?!? if it’s not that one then I am at a loss.been doing a search for selegiline and it is incredibly cheap which according to my understanding treats the same illness.

Can You Guys believe this Drug?!?

If it’s like the drug we talked about in this thread a lot of us tried it with mostly limited results we all stopped because of reports of heart valve damage.

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According to wiki this is a MAO-B inhibitor though in higher doses it then becomes a MAO-A inhibitor has no dietry restrictions.

Side effects (taken from wiki)

Due to the primary metabolites of L-amphetamine and L-methamphetamine, Selegiline shares many side effects seen with these sympathomimetic stimulants. Minor side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, difficulty falling or staying asleep, muscle pain, rash, nausea and constipation have been seen. More serious side effects such as severe headache, tachycardia, arrhythmia, hallucinations, chorea, or difficulty breathing should be investigated by health professionals immediately. [14] Being a metabolic stimulant, Selegiline may cause abnormal increase in metabolism and hyperthyroid (overactive thyroid) condition.

At low doses Selegilne has also been used as a anti-depressant(though with varying results)

I in no way recommend people take herbs or man made products they must choose to do this themselves.

I think the newest drug available is prami, which is prescribed off-label to counteract the side effects of SSRIs.

I believe your right Jafar, but I myself will be trying out Selegilne as the funds become available. Will keep those interrested informed.

Currently I am taking 25mg of dhea with 1000mg of l-arginine this is helping me to loose the flab around middle and amounts around shoulders am going to start cardio work today too.

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