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New non intrusive male contraception method.

New non intrusive male contraception method.

Bad forms of male contraception:

condom (can’t feel anything)
male pill (sure if it’s day after thing)
some unidentifiable block of shit under the skin (yeah right).

New method:

Stun sperm and you stay infertile for 10 days.

This has to be the perfect method for those guys who want to avoid the children argument with their partner by agreeing to kids and then making sure they can’t actually complete the task.

OK, the downside. It’s an electric shock to the testicles. Expect a battery powered version by Christmas (assuming the story is legitimate).…u=news.quirkies


I hope it stuns also mature sperm stored in the top-side of the epididymus.



Get out the car batteries and alligator clips, boys!

I’ve got a bunch of em lying around if anyone wants some, but only jumper cables to connect, so you get a nice, good, FIRM, contact.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
Get out the car batteries and alligator clips, boys!

That would keep you sterile for 10 lifetimes!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Will my plasma cutter work?

What about all those sparks, might set the pubic hair on fire

I have my present of Christmas for my son-in-law.

It must be painful isnt it?

Thank you boss!!!

No hay medidas. Disculpe las molestias I am dick is under construction.

Novatos, Comiencen Aqui

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