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My Final Load Report!

My Final Load Report!

I have finally ended my quest for huge loads. I have now found the answer and yet I already knew it. Guys, its simply lecithin, zinc, and tribulus. The secret is this; I use triple strength lecithin which is 3600 mgs per capsule. I also take a shitload of them, at least 12 a day. I take one zinc citrate(30 mgs) capsule at night before bed and I take Tribulus with each meal. Usually I get all excited and runs to these boards when I blow a huge load and then the results dissipate. Well guys, this has worked for me for over a month now and I waited to post my results. I on average squirt 3 or 4 times. With this combination I am now squirting seven or more massive squirts. Last night, I gave my fiancee 9 squirts all over her pretty ass.

Finally and most importantly, u have to drink lots of water with lecithin. Your loads will be quite insane. Water is the KEY ingredient!

Thank you so much PE brothers, without you guys I would have never got these Peter North like results!

So satisfied,


Congrats on finding a solution that works for you. To my knowledge no single supplement works for everyone in this way. Some get a volume increase from lecithin, for example, whereas others do not.

Increased intake of water, fluids, though does work for most.

Now, did you enter your squirt count in the poll at the top of this page? Do it for The Avocet.



Nice alex! You had a goal and went through with it! Now reap the rewards.

Btw Water is a key part…Ive recently started drinking more than half a glass a day(lol). About 6 a day now and the last load i shoot was a good 6 or 7 squirts and the first went over my head and the second hit my face!

Sept 2 2002 Bpel 6.8 Eg 5.5 Sept 2 2003 Bpel 7.6 Eg 6.0 Yeah i know...5 years..updating soon i hate mesuring...

Hey alex, have you tried the water without all the other stuff, it seems as if this is the main ingredient then why shell out for all the other stuff?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’m no expert but is taking so much of that stuff safe?

Also do you take these supplements everyday and what is the total cost?

Holmsy, there are no side effects with lecithin and Luvadus I have never tried busting a nut off of water alone. Thats is a great idea. My total cost a month for my regime is less than 20 bucks.


I’ve tried drinking lots of water for several days and didn’t notice much improvment in load size. I just started taking Alex’s supplement routine today, and hope to see results.

Where do you get triple strenght Lecithin from. I can only find Lecithin 1200 and its a fat Metaboliser. How does a fat Metaboliser helps to increase loads? or is it a combination of the three. Tribulus, Lecithin. and Zinc.

I’m confused by that as well. Search using google for triple strength lecithin and you’ll find several “triple” strength hits. I’m still reading into what makes some 1200mg softgels 3x as potent as others.

Im not really sure but I believe its the Phosphatidyl Choline in the lecithin

Hmm, they sell plain phosphatidyl choline at beyond a century. I will have to make that an experiment. I would like to try lecithin, phosphatidyl choline, and there are other types of choline to try too and find out which one is key. I know there must be something specific that will increase the load volume and I am out to find it.

I went to Vitamin World today and picked up some of the “triple strength” lecithin.. It appears to be the same as other brands with phophatidyl choline.


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