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Lymphocele Won't Go Away

Lymphocele Won't Go Away

Several months ago I got a puffy lump beneath my glans and I searched and found out it was a lymphocele. It seemed to go away, but a few weeks ago I got it back and it was a pretty pronounced lump. I think it could be from manual stretches or masturbation.

I’ve taken the past two weeks off from PE to see if it would go away. I didn’t masturbate for about 3 days and it seemed like it was gone, but while I was masturbating it formed a little again. It seems like it’s always a little puffy and a little red.

I going to take this week off to see if it will go away, but I don’t want to have to keep taking time off. What should I do? Not touch my dick at all for at least a week? Will this ever go away and my dick go back to normal? Should I see a doctor if the puffy lump does not go away by the end of the week?

I don’t know anything about your problem but keep searching around on Google until you find out if you for sure have Lymphocele and if you feel you have a real problem man don’t waste any time getting to a Doctor.

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From what I’ve been reading it happens after vigorous sex or masturbation. Pretty much all sources say it goes away if you leave it alone. I’m not sure how long it takes for it to go away though.

It doesn’t hurt, it just looks weird because it’s a puffy lump. I massage it and it goes down, but it doesn’t fully go away, it seems to stay a little puffy.

Does anybody else have any experience with this?

Yup I get the same thing, a hard swelling on the underside of my penis right beneath the glans which comes and goes with rigorous masturbation / an intense routine

It’s nothing to really worry about

Try wearing a silcone tube, like the one’s monkeybar sells. The compression will probably sort the problem out.

Phearsome, so you just deal with it and massage it away. Does it ever make your dick look weird at all? Did you ever think about going to a urologist and getting it drained or is it not that bad? Does it just come and go for you? Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the tip joey999. Do you think the lymphocele should go away or with there always be leakage?


I get a soft puffy lump right under the glans from wearing my silicone cup ADS. So now I tape a band of micropore tape all the way around under my glans.

I didn’t do much this past week, but today the puffy lump came back again.

Shortshorts, does the puffy lump you have go up an down depending on how intense you do things? Does it ever fully go away?

Does anybody know if lymphocele’s are supposed to fully go away? I’m thinking I should go to a urologist. Would that be the best move at this point?

For anybody that is reading this, I’m not sure if lymphoceles go away. Mine got better, but fluid still builds up, so guess it just a problem you have to live with.

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