lasting in love/ my contribution

Hi everybody.

probably you already know many things…that I’m writing…anyway if you want, read this!
(and sorry for my english!)

I want to say, as you sure already know, that makin love is a complex thing, it’s not only make sex,
but feel the other person, feel the sensation that comes from you and from the partner, open yourself, and maybe trying to be natural, free, thinking to nothing, living the moment…

I believe that, being natural in this way, after, peope feel more energized and happy becouse some energy has been shared between the two lovers…
This is more difficult if people are thinking some other in between…do you agree?


I’ve studied the argument “lasting in bed” and , reading some materials from various sources (Mantak Chia, internet and so on…) adding to my personal experiences, here is my favourite way to prolonge the loving intercourse, if in some cases I like to…(for example when I feel I’m too excited, or there was not sufficient foreplay (very important!)

1/ put your tongue in contact with your upper palate, inside your mouth, and concentrate in this point, in this contact… (30 sec./1 min.)
2/ continue your natural love and sex with the partner (don’t thing to nothing…)
3/ flex your pc muscle in this way: 3 sec. flex, medium force, 3 sec. unflex; continue for 30 sec/1 min to fatigue it
4/ continue your natural love and sex with the partner (don’t thing to nothing…)
5/ concentrate to your heart and to your testicles (30 sec/1 min)
6/ continue your natural love and sex with the partner (don’t thing to nothing…)

and so on and on…

if you feel that you’re getting to the point of orgesm, you cant try add also:

7/ breathing: 2 sec inhale/6-8 sec exhale, for some time…

in the case you anyway are too soon coming, you can try at last this:

8/ push down with your abdominal muscles, like when you are tryng to defecate (sorry for the word) ; but don’t do it! it’s only a simulation!
This will relax some internal muscles that are conctracting towards the eiaculation…
9/ relax your sex muscles, and try to feel as you’re going to piss…it’s a simulation, too (during this stop moving of course)

At this point you will feel more relaxed and probably your urge to eiaculate its gone away for some time…also your erection maybe it’s a little more soft, so you can restart makin love

Other: If you at least eiaculate, you can try this:
stop moving. Eiaculate.
In many cases if you stop moving during the eiaculation, you can restart without losing the erection and go for a second…round!

Or you can simply eiaculate enjoying the force of your orgasm!

It’s all….
My advice: use the techniques only in some cases… enjoy the natural energy of love…
Use a lot of foreplay… Feel your partner… It’s simply the best!

Best wishes