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laser vasectomy - anyone done this?


Thanks MDC and haha for your info. We have talked about it and the fear of getting pregnant is very off-putting for her; we love our kids, but neither of us would like to nurse infants again. You have encouraged me to continue looking into vasectomy from all aspects, it seems promising considering the disadvantages of the pill, other hormonal treatments, condoms, what have you. I have some remaining homework to do about possible psychological impact, effects on hormone production, risks in general, expected v-reversal outcome…

I still see it as a very tough decision. Although I’m in a rock-solid LTR with my wife, I can imagine future scenarios where I would wish the vasectomy was undone - it is always good to keep your options open to deal with all possible paths of life. However, I also feel that closing this option would promote opportunities of making unrestricted love with with the woman of my life, thus greatly decreasing the likelihood that I ever would come in a situation where I would regret my decision.

I know vasectomy in general has been discussed in other threads: please excuse me for diluting the OP issue with my own, selfish needs for input.

You do bring up many valid points that are very important. In the end, it is your decision and only do what you feel is right. One thing I must say is the psychological impact is probably the biggest challenge to deal with, but if you and your partner are 100% not having more children then I feel it is the best and easiest solution. Your wife gave birth, don’t make her stay on hormones(the pill) or go through a major surgery. She also would have to deal with all your valid concerns as well :) You still produce sperm,(hence no hormone changes) it is way less complicated then a tubal ligation, and the risks are much less as well. Spend time researching doctors and even getting referrals from patients.

If you’re confident that you would be fine without fathering children in the future, no matter what happened. I don’t think there would be any psychological impact. Not worrying about b/c is a huge plus!

Thanks for all the good info! I think I will probably do this sometime soon. The biggest benefit I will receive would be that my wife will be comfortable knowing she won’t get pregnant (translation: more bootie). We are in our early 40’s with 3 kids and definately do not want any more. Even though we use several types of birth control there is always that slight chance that a wild swimmer will escape.

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My experience was that it was like going to the dentist. No real pain, just some slight discomfort at first. You can feel the needle when the doc gives you the first injection into the vas to numb it up. Nothing to freak out about but you can feel it. Then when he was pulling my vas out it felt like he was truly pulling something out of my stomach through the ball sack. It was not painful, just a strange feeling.

Once you go home just take it easy for a few days, keep the frozen peas on your covered crotch and don’t do any heavy lifting for about two weeks. You will feel sore for a while but it passes. My instructions said it can take 10 or so orgasms to clear the sperm out of you. I cleared myself out about 20 times and the test showed zero sperm count. This was almost 3 years ago. My balls feel a little wierd from time to time but it is very minor and goes away fast. I do notice that my balls hang a lot lower now even though I realize this had nothing to do with the vasectomy I kind of like the way it looks. It is a little uncomfortable to sleep on my side now as my legs seem to clamp down on the balls and I wake up sore…

No problems.


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