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Large dicks, Uncomfortable positions


I couldn’t think of something more “soft-off” inducing than watching my girl take a 9 1/2” dildo with no problem. What am I supposed to do after she takes that? Use my fuckin’ fist? Sheeit…..I’ll try to put in my dick and fall in!

Nothin’ beats a nicely toned, firm-grip-havin’ juicy little twat. I dare you to disagree.

Becoming.... Godsize

No arguing that my friend… However, my motto is “if ya cant beat em, join em.” Believe it or not it is a huge turn on to watch a woman take all she can, at least for me it is… I once fisted this girl slowly and my dick got so hard it actually got those little red dots all over it, after the fisting she took it in the ass with the old trout and I still fondly remember that time… Try it out, you will get a real kick out of it…

BH - I spend far too much time on the computer machine….

RWG - you tell the best stories…. I like stories :D

Back to big doinkers and the positions that don’t like ‘em.

I guess we only have but so many that can deliver valid input.


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Sometimes when I sit my dick will get into a weird position and it’s uncomfortable and I have to try to fix it while no one notices. It can actually fold now and I have to that little sneaky move to straighten him out
I have switched to boxer briefs and this has helped.

Dino ” well you said uncomfortable positions”

Well, as you can see by my avatar, icon, pic, whatever - I don’t wear underwear. I just let it drag along on the ground.

I have short legs.


regularwhiteguy, your posts are always the best man! I’ve mentioned something about your horsegirl in another thread. size queen 1

I cannot wait to hear how much length that your wife took in of the long dildo. I am very eagerly awaiting that story. Thank you for shring that she takes 9.5” with no problem. You mentioned that was the lenth of the dildo, is that the total length, or is that how much she took in of it? Penetrable length? Usable……? Hot, Hot, Hot……….oww! that must be so sexy and such a turn on.

I understand exactly how you felt fisting that girl that you did once. Why didn’t you introduce to loose little blonde to fisting? She’d probably be still chasing you around. It is amazing isn’t it?

Hey, how tall was the girl that you fisted? just curious….. did she have nice hips?

I sure hope to find some women like you have come across……..

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Oh, and prickle, tight ones don’t turn me on. I feel like they are limited or something. That is just my opinion of course and I know that it flies in the face of how most guys feel. Pass the loose ones on to me….as long as they are not overweight……. I’m don’t exactly believe that correlation anyway….

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Originally Posted by BusterHymes
Well, I am not finding much direct comment on this via the search function, so let’s roll it:

Large-dicked humanoids (let's say 8” or greater for this thread), please mention common sexual positions that your lady (or ladies) has/have mentioned are uncomfortable for them due to the size of your prong.

I guess the thing I am looking for here is the common positions which may become ‘off-limits’ or difficult if I get up there in size. In other words, what might I have to sacrifice position-wise for the gift of building/having a big rod? As they say, ain’t nothin’ free, brutha.

Obviously it changes from woman to woman and even from night to night in some instances, so let’s skip the debate on that. Big guys, what positions cause your women to yelp unhappily and push you off or out?

I want to determine if a certain size is really worth it to me.


Well, I can SHOW you better than I can tell you. Attached to this message is a videocapture taken from a video that I made with an ex girlfriend of mine. I still remember that while in this position, she was telling me not to push it in all the way when I pumped fast. In this capture, my dick was at 8 inches……..


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