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L-Arginine users. What should I expect?

L-Arginine users. What should I expect?

Last week I got my shipment of L-Arginine. I have been taking 1000mg 3 times a day for a week.

I have been doing a work out on the treadmill every morning and I am dieting.

I think I have seen some improvement in my morning wood. Being that this is a dietary supplement I know that it is not going to show sudden improvements in quality erections. But what should I expect and when?

Your experiences would be appreciated.

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im waiting for mine to arrive,so il let you know my expieriences.

Originally Posted by killy
im waiting for mine to arrive,so il let you know my expieriences.

Well that is good to know. We are both starting at relatively the same time.
What is your reason(s) for taking L-Arginine?

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I first started at 1.5 grams a day, Monument. Not much happened for me for about two weeks except a lot of flatulence :( but that pretty quickly resolved itself. I have ED so I was interested to see if L-a would help. After about two weeks I noticed that my PE erections were happening faster, then that my ejaculate volume increased maybe 25 percent as a guess.

I stayed on 1.5 grams for some months then increased to 3 grams, 1 gram three times a day, the last at bedtime. That dosage worked much better for me. I even started having random erections during the day which hadn’t happened in some time. Ejaculate volume then increased again. At the time I had to have some semen tests done; the lab measurements came back on the very high end so I had that evidence to back up some of the claims I had read about L-a. What was interesting to me was this: having been on 3 grams/day for many months, when I dropped back to 1.5 grams/day again nothing much changed. Ejaculate volume remained high and I’m still popping occasional boners during the day. I can’t tell you why that is or if it is just a fluke.

There seems to be a lot of evidence that L-a does nothing for some guys but works very well for others. I suspect that there are certain types of ED which it does not benefit but others that it does. And because we all have different body chemistries those difference would account for the differing results men have on this stuff. Hope it works for you. Let us know how it goes.



Thanks for getting back to me, Acocet8. I also read your PM.

It was suggested to me to use the 3 gram routine so I guess I’ll try that for a least a month. I am going on vacation for a week. So little relaxtion in the sun should help turn things around.

I thought the flatulence was from all the increased salads I was eating on this diet. :D ooops.

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