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Kegels and Multiple orgasms/Ejaculatory control

Kegels and Multiple orgasms/Ejaculatory control

I’ve been reading “How to Make Love All Night (and Drive a Woman Wild) ” which many people have presented as the de facto “standard” in learing to achieve multiple orgasms.

The book presents methods that are used to control arousal level:
1. Breathing
2. Focus (focus of physical stimulation that is)
3. Kegels

I have no trouble with the first two. But kegels actually tend to increase my arousal level. To the point that if I stop all stimulation when I am aroused but not at the point of inevitably (say a 9.5 or so on her 1-10 scale) and kegel hard I will have a full (ejaculatory) orgasm.

Does anyone have any insight on this? I’d really like to be able to apply the material in this book but this seems to be something of a sticking point for me.

Thanks in advance.

I had an interesting experience. Once, when I was in sleeping, I had a very horny dream and just about to ejaculate, and I became awake and realized it, so I did a very hard kegel quickly, then the ejaculation was successfully stopped. However, I tried several times later when having real sex, but never succeeded again, LOL!

chmag, do you do kegels regularly? Can you hold them 10 seconds or more?


Success with that technique seems to be a matter of timing. If you practice with masturbation you can learn what it feels like just before you ejaculate. Then you have to squeeze as soon as you get that feeling. Once the ejaculation starts, you can’t stop it. So learning what your body does just before is the key.


I do kegels with some regularity. As a minimum I have been doing the a the DLD blaster routine (100 quick kegels with light stretching, followed by 20-30 blasters) several times a week. I can’t hold hold a kegel for quite ten seconds (more like 5-7) and I have some trouble isolating the muscle. My abs tend to tighten up when I do more than very light kegels.
Perhaps this is the problem, and I should now focus on doing longer repetitions (10-15 seconds) on each kegel. I’ll give this a try.

It still doesn’t sit right with me that they contractions appear to INCREASE me arousal level though. I understand that they might not be effective at stopping ejaculation if the PC muscle is not properly conditioned but I had the impression they were also used for “peaking” exercises in order to reduce arousal level when one was NOT close to orgasm.

Thanks to all who responded.

I am beginning to think that squeezing the pc is the wrong way of going about having multiple orgasms. I used to do 1000’s of kegels and what not, so my pc was in great shape. I would clamp down right before orgasm and the results weren’t all that great. Sometimes I would remain hard, but the orgasms weren’t all that great. They would never go past 3 or 4 out of 10. The other times I would go soft after, because I probably shot retrograde.

Lately I think the real way for male multiple orgasm is pc relaxation. I read a thread on here about reverse kegals. I have had some great results doing those. Sometimes I can reverse kegal quite a bit of cum out and still be hard and ready to go. I think the key is that the seminal vesicles are still full, and that is where the drive is. When RK’ing I think you are just pushing out prostate fluid as RK’ing keeps the ejaculatory gates closed.

Now, what I am doing is squeezing my butt cheeks together near the point of no return while doing a reverse kegal. I have had some very interesting results doing this. The key to finding the butt cheek muscle that you want to squeeze is to take a piss. Stand on your tippy toes and squeeze your butt cheeks together to stop the piss. This is NOT the pc muscle that you would normally use to stop the piss. When you are near orgasm, squeeze this muscle, and it will feel really good. The last few times I have tried it I have had an orgasm that really feels like an orgasm.. maybe even more intense. It was weird because my penis would contract just like a regular orgasm but nothing would come out. I would lose focus after 4 or 5 contractions and end up bearing down on my pc muscle. Then I would squirt a shot out or two and end up going soft. I think the key is to maintain focus on squeezing the butt cheeks and not the pc. I have been looking for others to try to experiment this method, is anyone interested?

Wrestler is right on.

Read through the back posts here in MSH, I started a thread a while ago that has all your answers, sponsored by avocet8.

I still havent got much better at this, but to be honest I have not been practicing much.


I think SS4 is talking about this one.

When I do this the “dry” orgasms are not 10s but they feel very very good and are worth the long learning curve. The real fireworks are in the last orgasm, the wet one, which is prolonged and very intense.

What anon1122 is talking about is a different process and has potential merit I’m thinking, without having tried it.



Yeah, I also tried to kegel during sex and my glans engorged. I definitely didn’t help initially, I almost blew. Later on down the road, however, I learned to kegel very hard before the “point of no return” and it worked wonders, kind of like westa was referring to.


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