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Is everyone at the Gym on steroids?


Originally Posted by marinera
Sadly, if you take a lot of supplements yuo could be on steroids even if you don’t know : 15 to 30% of supplements are contaminated.

With steroids ?

I heard something similar but it was a while ago.

Have you got any recent news regarding this ?

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Recently? Some months ago a MD who performs antidoping controls said the number of contaminated supplements is steadily growing year by year, don’t know if I can find a link about.

Supplements steroid contamination is well reported, anyway; here you are an article for example that I found just googling ‘steroid supplement contamination”

“Quarter of dietary supplements contain steroids
13 out of 50 analyzed contained banned substances, study says”

Originally Posted by raybbaby
This thread has quickly become more of a study in the myths and wive’s tales about steroids themselves, rather than a discussion of how many people at the original poster’s gym may or may not be on ‘roids….

Well, he said that a good number of guys in his gym openly speak about the cycle they are doing, so, I think, what he was asking is more if this is common in all gyms, not if it is common in his gym - a thing that he already knows.

But let’s find some objective number: according to this report, 4.3% of USA high school male students have used steroids.

Don’t know how much this number grows for people over that age, but consider this: 1) how many high school students are also very devoted to BB or other strength/speed sports? 2) How many people starts using drugs ony after some years of dedicated training? Even the most blind ‘roids prophets advice to never use steroids before you are 25 because it can only hinder your potential.

No wonder some of those testosterone enhancers work so well! (they have steroids!)

Seriously though, they might only have trace amounts—

I wasn’t clear on whether there was enough steroids in any of those supplements to actually make a real impact.

If don’t, what’s the reason for adding it? Some athletes claim they resulted positive at the antidoping test due to supplements - although of course you can doubt this is true.

But it depends on how much they are testing for; are they looking for trace amounts that may be effectively useless, or do they only check for high levels that have a chance of making an actual impact?

I always thought it was implied the amounts needed to test positive are somewhat trace amounts (.e.g to try & see if the athlete was on steroids a set amount of time in the past…)

It depends on the substance, I think. For testosterone, by what I know the limit to result positive isn’t that low, because they want to leave space for random but natural peaks. For other substances, like some kind of diuretics, even small quantity are enough, because they are used to mask the use of androgens.

Most pro bodybuilders don’t live past the age of 50. Roid are not as common as most people think but some people take them. Either way, why do you care? If your going to consider taking it, most people here will say no. If your not considering taking it, then who cares?

For starts, pills speed up the process while for advance lifters, they help you improve significantly. I have never taken any. I will never take it. I am not a pro and I have no interest in it.

I don't settle for meritocracy

The fact is there are thousands of more recreational PED users than there were 20 years ago. And it’s not just guys wanting to get huge, there’s dudes who simply want to get ripped an lean like a male runway model.

I never understood guys who juiced to have a 175# bod with 5% bf. Just a waste and beyond lazy.

It’s guys in their teens with their T levels arguably at their highest who STILL cycle on ‘roids for gains many could achieve with proper dieting, heavy lifting and discipline for a couple years that I will never understand.

Will there be consequences?? Oh yes. It’s never good to shut down your body’s natural production of testosterone for beach muscles and a six pack.


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