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I tore her...


It’s also possible that through vigorous sex you tore a last remaining bit of hymen. I was with a woman who’d been having intercourse for three years but still had a little hymenal tissue hanging off the side of the vagina. It broke off during an especially manic sex session. There was some bleeding but no pain.

I’d still say, however, that it was probably breakthrough bleeding. That’s happened to me on several occasions.

What was the height, weight and ethnicity of these women that were torn apart? I am just wondering.

punch of weird people you are… well I am a fellow penis puller so im with you people, but still….

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Originally Posted by cheatah
What was the height, weight and ethnicity of these women that were torn apart? I am just wondering.

For me: Caucasian, 5’5, 122lbs


I haven’t “torn” anyone in the relevant sense, so I doubt you’d care about the stats.

Dryness can easily do some tearing as well, no matter the girth

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Originally Posted by anna nimity
You know women tend to spot before and after their period. And why are the women the only ones with an avatar in this thread? :)

If you wish to believe you tore her then you should go with that. But if you are having sex with her soon and there is no pain on her part, I would think otherwise.

I know about spotting anna, but she is still sore.

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Two girls I have make sex have bled, there is nothing to worry about it, unless she feels pain. Maybe just a small cut on her vagina.

It can be other things too:

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Originally Posted by whoareyou

No offense of any nature intended, but you tore a girl with 4.75 girth? Was she a small woman?

I was wondering that myself, since my EG is about 1.5” more and I don’t “tear” my wife. That’s rather unusual I would think.


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