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I have a venous leak, I'm going to have it fixed by an interventional radiologist.

I had another semi erection, about 60%-70% and my head swell a bit more then normal, but it’s happening only when I kegel, the blood leaves as soon as the kegel stops, I can’t get a decent erection because of the hematoma I have on my penis.

My insurance company was very nice, I’m getting all the money on next Friday, I had to pay for the examine and the procedure about 3400$ policyholder’s participation, but they are giving me the money back cause I used my second insurances to cover the procedure, in the end I’m not paying anything.

Every citizen in Israel has a basic health insurance(by law) that covers most of the procedures, so I used it the cover most of the procedure, the private insurance covers the rest and the examine(1500$).

Private insurance is important for operations over sea and special surgeries \ medicines that are not covered by law.

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Hey OS, did they operation hurt at all? During or after? Any kind of surgery in the area is quite scary to me…

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
I get no glans expansion in a semi-erection, and only inconsistent expansion with full erections. And yes, if I artificially trap blood by pressing around with my finger, or wearing a cock ring, I can get more glans expansion, but this does not mean that such expansion is “normal,” any more than my mega-erection with a clamp on is “normal” and should be expected.

As I’ve said in other threads, many guys in porn have awful glans expansion, even when they have otherwise solid erections. If even a good number of the guys represented in porn have this “problem,” do you really think it’s so unusual?

Anyway, I’m glad the surgery seems to have gone safely, and I do hope it brings you slightly better glans expansion. :) I’d love to have better glans expansion myself — I’m just trying to convince you that your penis is quite normal as is!

I agree and disagree. Me and OS definitely had a physical problem, however for me personally it was compounded mentally in that I expected my glans to always be massive and full like they are in porn - which like you say isn’t nessecarily realistic.…dysfunction.pdf

This is a good overview of the stages of male sexual arousal. Previously, I could not kegel any blood into my glans, & I could not even get to the plateau stage of arousal since too much blood was leaking.

Now, while my glans do swell, they tend to mainly do so during the second or ‘plateau’ stage of arousal, while they fluctuate in the initial stages of arousal. As you say it’s important for everyone to realise this is completely normal.

OS_q Any further developments?

None, I just need to wait and see.

I’ll keep you all updated.

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Well, until now I can see a little improvement, but I think that I need to do it again, when I’m lying on my back and have an erection, the glans doesn’t swell at all, when I’m standing, I can see my glans swell and shrinking pretty fast. When I’m 60% erect, my glans do swell more then usual, but this is not what I expected it to be, my glans can swell more, a lot more, this is barely noticeable. And what is the point to have it of I’m lying on my bad and having an erection with out any swelling in the glans, they are empty and lifeless.

I will update you.

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Everybody interested in Corpus Spongiosum (or glans) venous leak might be interested in reading point 12. under headline “Discussion” on this web page:

Seems to me the leak can be fixed. The operation in this case is quite radical, though.

229233, Thanks a lot, I’m emailing the Dr’ there.

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Hey OS, I was wondering if it was a painful surgery, and how long you were in the Hospital.

I am going to see a Urologist again, and I’m sure I have a venous leak. I think its the Dorsal Vein, among others. I saw my Doctor the other day and started talking about it and he really thinks I have a leak and will probably need surgery based on my symptoms but he referred me to a Urologist. But yea, in all honesty- I have a venous leak, just don’t know how severe, but I’m pretty sure its bad (multiple leaks).

What other surgery options were there for you? Would you suggest this surgery? I’ve been doing reading, and apparently this sort of surgery has been getting a good reputation in the last 4 years as technological advances lead us to be more precise. But what are your thoughts?

I’ve had sexual problems ever since I started having sex at age 16 (i’m 20 now). And I still don’t get good erections. I’m sure that i’ve damaged myself. I need some insight.

-A guy in need.

Also, have you heard about VNUS radioactive treatment for Varicose Veins? Its new, and amazing. But its only being used for veins in legs. Hopefully, soon, they will improve this to be used for the smaller scale for veins in the penis.

What is the purpose of is?

It look very similar to what I had, but in my case the doctor used a coil instead of shocking \ heating or whatever they are doing to the entire vein, he used similar equipment in order to insert the coils, and that closed the leaks, do don’t need to kill the whole vein like they are doing in the leg, another thing is that legs has much more veins then the penis so they need to be very careful when doing it.

The surgery wasn’t painful at all, I had to be in the hospital 3 hours after it was done. It’s nothing, I could go to the Gym right after the surgery, the only painful thing was the PGE-1 injection that made an erection, the surgery what while I was erect.

I would suggest this surgery from a lot of reason, mainly they are not cutting anything, and it’s really non invasive. The recovery time is really fast, I could have sex 2-3 days after (but I was told to rest for a week lol)
It’s not that big of a surgery, you don’t need to be worried, don’t do the surgery with a surgeon who is an Urologist, the are only qualified to strip the veins, and they don’t really do it any more, it isn’t smart, the non invasive procedure is much better, you can see the leak with your eyes, and they can actually close the exact location of the leak.

Can you give me some references about the surgery?

I know that my doctor is using this surgery in order to close veins in the legs (with coils) but it’s an aesthetic surgery,…t-education.htm - is looks promising, but I think that you need to see if they really know what they are doing, you can ask them if they are doing it on the penis too, it may not be published by there are a lot of places which doctors are using this procedure to close veins.

I’m still reading on there Website -

How do these doctors treat varicose veins?

Each person’s vein problem is unique. The types and severity and locations of varicose veins on your legs will be unique. But a vein specialist is trained to provide a treatment plan that is specific for you. The good news is that today, varicose vein patients have a choice. Patients no longer have to undergo painful “vein stripping” in the hospital. Varicose veins can now be treated right in your doctor’s office with the VNUS Closure method. Learn more about the VNUS® Closure® procedure. This procedure is fast, is performed while you’re awake and typically allows you to return to normal activities the next day.

I will ask my doctor about this procedure.

You need to find someone who is a specialist with veins and consult to him about your problem, but you must diagnose it to be 100% that you really have a venous leak, many doctors will be glad to charge you and close the vein, even when you don’t really need it.

Update us.

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Change of mind, huh?

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by mgus

Change of mind, huh?

Completely, you had to see the screen in his office, he saw and guided thought a very complicated procedure in the liver, we could actually see the sonar that the doctors sees in the operation room, they called his phone and asked him how to get access to a vein near the liver, it was amazing. He is the chief of the vascular unit.

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Glad to hear it all came out okay and hope that you will have no further problems.

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Guys, I have the same problem, venous leak, can´t mantein an erection without viagra and cock ring for more than a couple of minutes. The leak confirmed by an ecco doppler. I´m searching for treatments.

what about this link? I can´t open it. could someone send it in word or something or an MP? I really need information.

OsQ, how are you now? could you tell me a little more about your surgery? Im desperated :S


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