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How to "shoot farther"?


Before I knew about PE, I found out about Kegels..since the OTHER PE (premature eja…) was more of an issue for me last year than this year.

I started doing kegels for a week and hadn’t jerked the entire time. Come the weekend, I got that dull bored/horny feeling one afternoon, and I started to wack.

I was clamping down every now and then while stroking, so I kept feeling the urge go up and down. Then finally, after I realized that I had missed 5 phone calls due to my..preoccupation…I let it rip…but right before I busted I clamped down as strong as I could followed by a reverse kegel (too I think)…and I hit the bottom of my damn chin.

I was sitting down on a toilet so it’s not like it was a record length, but it was quite a surprise for me. I think the furthest I’ve ever shot to was a little above my naval.
I never want to find out what semen tastes like, but that afternoon I almost did.

The thing that was crazy about the load, was that the first 3 contractions were just droops that flowed straight down the glans (like most of the time), but the next two were sky rockets (I think I must have clamped down the PC muscle and then did a reverse kegel or something while already in the middle of busting).

That session ended with at least 10 contractions of semen (obviously lost count after I felt the goop on my chin), my pubes were covered in semen, I had stains near my nipples…and had to go straight into the shower after this shit.

So be careful with how much you “tease” your cock with stopping and starting, cause once you let it rip, you might not be to happy where it ends up.

The Answer--- to how to shoot farther,

We can just stop this thread right here.

The answer to how to shoot farther is simple and I’m
surprised no one stated the obvious.


Over 50

Oh, boy! Was that a challenge? I’m over 50 and can shoot well over my head (while flat in bed) after a few “almost there, strong Kegel and back off” episodes plus the right visual stimulation (video, magazine). Perhaps I’m able to do this only while masturbating. Doing it with a partner can get messy, which isn’t always a bad thing. ;)

I agree with Westla.

There seems to be a sort of universal mind-set that after a certain age, one should expect things to go downhill, and worse, somehow accept that. While often true in part - aging certainly has its pitfalls - with a little good knowledge, some regular practice, and sometimes with the aid of very useful medications, we can anticipate fun sex lives as well as impressive shooting well into very old age.

Best rdgs - and over 50, too,




YOu can do all the kegels and drink all the water you want….but to shoot farther you need to practice developing a sort of rhythem with flexing your pc muscles while you ejaculate. You can practice while masturbating. What I mean is when you start to ejaculate, at the beginning of the first spasm of your orgasm (hey that rhymes!) you should do a pc flex, try to get to where you flex with each spasm. That will help you shoot farther AND more as far as volume. The key is learning to consciously flex your pc muscles in time with your spasms. Rather than just letting your body do its normal thing and letting your ejaculate come out under its own pressure.

Well, since it is mostly water….

Drink LOTS of celtzer water before and during sex; then, just before you shoot your load shake your body around like crazy. With all of that carbonation in your load you will shoot through the wall!

I have a strong pc, drink lots of H2o, and have usually been going for a couple of hours before I shoot. I also think that Stillwantmore22 (previous post) is dead on. With my height, I like to use the edge of the bed, and have shot all the way over my partner, the bed, and hit the wall.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Yea the first time I had sex…I was 19.. and I was doing her doggy style (this was my ex wife by the way so no condoms) and I pulled out to come. I surprised us both and shot her in the back of the head. LOL.


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