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How to resolve the "I'm done" syndrome?

How to resolve the "I'm done" syndrome?

It ocurred to me while I was answering another post that one of the sexual facts of life for me is, after I ejaculate (no matter how I was brought there) I’m usually not at all in the mood for any more sensual touching.

Where does that leave the person I’m with? If they’re in the same place, no problem - things then are ideal. But it doesn’t work that way a worth-noting percentage of the time. What do you guys do? Just roll over and fall asleep? :-) Women accuse us a lot of doing that.



Make her cum first. Get her off completely, then you can relax and just do your thing and not have to “finish her off” after the mood is gone.

A big problem I still haven’t find a good solution to.. I feel exactly the same, sometimes I continue just to please her, or make her come if she didn’t already (which I have to admit - I hate doing, because after ejaculation, the last thing I want to do is keep on sweating!). Usually what I’ll do is start talking. You know already I like to talk, so that’s a good way to keep the intimacy going without having to work too hard ;)


A very good question/observation.

For me, I keep in mind that my partner’s feelings and desires are, at that time, paramount to mine. Since I’m satisfied, and they are not, then I have to respect that totally and go the distance with the same intensity that would be there otherwise. I do not let them see any difference in my desire level. It’s a mindset I guess, in that the option of just quitting at that time is completely out of the question, therefore it does not exist.

I try like hell always to be the last one to finish. Doesn’t always happen, but I’ll make a super-human effort to satisfy my partner first. Much better place to be emotionally for me.

I’ve never have rolled over and fallen asleep. Seems like sacrilege to do so.

I couldn´t roll over and fall asleep even if I wanted to, I don´t get tired that way and I actually love the whole cuddle business.

I can totally understand that you don´t feel like making more love though, most of the time I don´t either for a while at least.

Not sure what to do about it, depends on the woman. Getting her off first only works if that´s enough for her. Some girls just get even more triggered up by coming once and then you have to keep going forever. Like throwing gasoline on a fire :p

Finding a compatible partner is my best advice, and what I try to do. Good to be on about the same libido level. If that´s impossible, then I guess you have to pay your dues and get her off afterwards.

Getting your partner “off” first is a good start. Then, if she is multi-orgasmic, the chance for having another orgasm when you cum is pretty good- mine isn’t and that works well for me since I’m ultimately looking for head to have an orgasm.

As a last note, I did read a study a while back that it is NORMAL in the male to want to rollover and sleep after cumming. Something to do with a chemical release in the body that occurs after cumming.

Well, if I remember everything correctly (it’s been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time since I’ve had sex) I would spend a ton of time on the foreplay and stuff like that to her my GF going, this would bring her closer to the point of orgasm before we even started with the sex. Now she and I would cum to a completely different rhythm, so I could easily get her off several times and then change things up for my orgasm. And I LOVED laying under all the covers with her naked cuddling.

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What if both of you can’t stand to be touched after an orgasm? The one that finishes first then either cuts off the touching or submits to unpleasant contact — neither one is an optimal outcome. But those of you who adopt the strategy of getting your partner to “finish first” need to make sure that your partner doesn’t have the same aversion to post-orgasmic touching that you display.

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