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Hot!!! date this Friday!

Hot!!! date this Friday!

Hey everybody, I just landed me a hot number on friday for dinner. We’ve been talking online for about a month never seen each other, but i have seen a few pics of her from our online conversations.

This one is in the bag as long as i keep my flow, she mentioned right away her kids will be away for the weekend. Already however, i’m feeling pressure to perform. My recent first sexual experience was a nightmare, but thanks to avocet 8’s response I’m not being so hard on myself,

I was thinking i was impotent and it got me down being I just turned 21. One thing i will definitely avoid this time around is pumping too close to the meeting time; furthermore, I would like the advice of ANY men here that have been in this kind of situation.- basically any “Do’s and Don’ts” you can share with me are very helpful and greatly appreciated:)

Till’ next time (or the next response),
”..As long as it stretches.”


This is exciting. I know all will go well. Just keep your confidence up and keep saying to yourself…”I’m the Man” :) Give your penis a good 10-12 hours of relaxation before your hopeful sexual encounter. Let us know how it goes and don’t even think of the past…you are a new person now!

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Go in with a confident attitude. HOWEVER, regardless of any “signs” you may be getting from her already…DO NOT go on the date expecting to get laid. Even if you know you will be getting laid…dont go in with that attitude. It can totally turn her off. Be prepared to get laid (ie: condoms) but, treat the date as a date not as a sexual redezvous ….where there’s a feeling like youre in a hurry to get in her pants. Hope all this makes sense. I had an encounter similar to yours…she didnt have kids though…before I met my girlfriend…..I pretty much had that feeling from little remarks she made prior to the date and on the date and body language that I was getting some that night. I just acted like nothing was up other than we were going out to dinner and to shoot some pool. Long story short I got laid like I knew I would be because, I didnt come off like I knew I was gonna get some sex that night…..that will make a lot of women feel like you think theyre a slut.

Thanks for the responses and for the vote of confidence DLD:D and the tips Still.;) I have to add Still that’s the exact mentality I’m going in with. That’s what I meant by “keeping my flow”. I’m certainly going to be playing it cool, expecting nothing but always prepared, and paying attention to all the signs when i’m at her place friday.

Besides her physically touching me a certain way or rubbing me what are the definite keys in body language I should pay close attention to?

Her ripping off her clothes and throwing herself on the floor, buns up and kneeling is usually a good sign… :)

Good Luck, and make sure to tell us all about it :)

This, if nothing else, is interesting reading:

Body Language basics

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.


Just a little trick to use if you are staying over at her place, or she’s at yours, and you find you are REALLY apprehensive late in the evening. Make a nice evening of your dinner date. Linger over the food. Enjoy her.

If you find that inside your head your are really kind of nutso sexually, tell her at sometime late in the evening that what you’d really like to do above all, even more than sex right away, is just be in bed together, touching, snuggling, talking, getting to know each other better. She will find that charming, even if she has in mind to rape you.

Several scenarios are then likely: While you are in bed doing all the above you may get carried away and forget you were apprehensive and you will get hard and want to proceed; or, you’ll feel a little worried and not want to try anything - in that case go to sleep snuggling happily; and/or in the morning when you wake you will be rested and not anxious at all anymore, your testosterone levels will be higher than they will be at any time, you may have some serious morning wood which needs a hot, wet place to play.

I have a feeling it’ll all work out.



Big hugs and shiny silver pumps to all you guys..i’m definitely feeling alot more confident. Funny stuff RB, I’ll be sure to watch for those signs*wink. I will definitely come back and tell all how it went. Expect to hear from me by late Saturday early Sunday the latest; however, our fun here doesn’t have to end:) If u have advice/tip(s) not mentioned or not in the cool link Dark Trick passed on, keep the replies coming.

Till’ next time,
”..As long as it stretches.”


Check this out

You’ve had great advice…. now, IF you do have sex with her…

I found this recently, not all may be applicable but a lot of it definitely works:

Also, many women just love to be licked to orgasm. Use the same techniques mentioned of going slow & teasing. Search the net for “g spot” orgasm, you’ll find some good tips. My wife has the most intense orgasms from me licking her clit while massaging her g spot with one or two fingers. With any type of sexual technique, with women it’s usually best to start slow, the slower the better. Plus, concentrating on her pleasure let’s you relax. When you give her an orgasm first without ever putting your penis inside, you’ll be much more confident - and she will love it!




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