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Hey everybody Introduction and request for help

Hey everybody Introduction and request for help

Hey guys, so glad to be able to post on here finally. Thank god Thunder opened up some spots, and I randomly happened upon here the day he did! I’m really excited to be a part of the community now! I’ve read about enhancement exercises and techniques, and I’ve tried a few, but only a couple times, I’ve never took on a full-routine and kept up with it for any period of time. Obviously, I never got any results, but not saying I’m discouraged or anything, I just never put the time into it. I know a thing or two about how long it takes to gain positive results. I have numerous health problems, including a very bad low back injury of some herniated discs that I’ve suffered for the past couple years. It took me a long time to find the right exercises to help that, and a long time for the results to start showing up working out every day. I’m in my early 20’s pretty young, and I haven’t finished my ‘exact’ measurements the way it’s suggested (doing it over several days, etc)., but I will say that my BPEL (that’s bone-pressed erection length, right?) is about 6.00” dead on, is pretty much what I got every time I’ve measured before as well, using NBPEL. Today I’m feeling soft, but whatever. My girth is around 4” (Don’t know the term for that). Yes, I am a virgin, I’m not really worried about that, as I’ve had much much more pressing problems in my life the past couple years. I would say I have some problem with rejection, definitely. It’s like I know girls are attracted to me, I’m a good looking guy, but what happens when they really get to know me? When we start talking past the first couple dates? You know that type of fear.

But anyways, that was just my introduction. I DO want to start a good PE program, although I have already printed out some exercises and the newbie routine like a couple months ago when I just a visitor here, so I might do that. MY MAIN PROBLEM is however what I need your advice with. A couple times throughout my life I’ve had a bit of semen leakage, like very very small amounts but that smelled very foul and caused a problem. This maybe happened 2 or 3 times over like 5 years, after I had been through very intense exertion or taken drugs for a long time, or something. But it was very rare. However, starting in August it’s been happening every day. And it’s been getting worse. It’s not like my underwear is wet or something, I don’t even notice the actually fluid, although sometimes I can feel it when it comes out (I’m guessing). But the smell is ridiculous and adds even more anxiety to all the anxiety problems I already have. I’ve been real stressed out the past 2 months, but the next couple months I’m free to work on my physical health. One of my guesses is that my herniated discs are contributing to the problem. I have gone to see urologist, and he wasn’t really sure what the exact problem was, but said I had a soft prostrate and that my back and stress definitely had something to do with it. He gave me Cipro, an antibiotic, to take for 21 days. I’m about 10-11 days into that and haven’t noticed any improvement.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with these type of problems or advice? Because this is definitely my most pressing concern! Also, any advice on starting a PE routine would be nice too. Overall, glad to be hear and nice to meet you all!

Your bone pressed erect length should be at least a bit more than your non bone-pressed erect length if you are measuring correctly. Some guys who are young and quite slim may only have 1/4” difference or so, but most of us have a thicker fat pad. If you haven’t measured bone-pressed flaccid stretched length I would do so. This is easy to measure quickly since it doesn’t require an erection and is not dependent on erection quality.

Girth is hard to measure but i would try to get measurements at the glans, mid-shaft, and base. Presumably, one of these will be your maximal girth. If not, measure that as well. If your scrotal skin gets in the way when measuring girth at the base, try using a thin string (that doesn’t stretch much). Wrap it around and make a mark across the two strands where they cross each other, then flatten the string and measure with a ruler.

As for the secretions, my guess is it is the result of chronic prostatitis, but that is just a guess.

There is a beginner’s routine outlined on this site. Start of slowly and monitor how your penis feels and your erection quality as you slowly ramp up the intensity. You will want to do some simple stretches, Kegels, and either wet or dry jelqing.

Yeah, I don’t have much fat at all. I’d say I was a little softer today, and have been recently because of stress/caffeine and what-not, so I think that probably made the small difference.

Thanks for your reply, never heard of chronic prostatitis, but I suppose that’s probably what the urologist was thinking. I just hope it’s something! You know what I mean? I’ve had health problems where doctors don’t know what’s wrong, or how to fix them, and nowadays when I have a problem all I’m praying for is that it’s some definite problem with cures that have a good chance of working. I have some of the worst luck with physical health : ( but, all I can do is try to make it better. Which reminds me: I’ve been feeling lazy all day, but I need to get off my butt and go work out!

anybody have any experience for this? Over the weekend the leaking got A LOT better and I was thinking the problem was almost gone. I had started taking saw palmetto and a couple other things to keep my digestion regular. Then, on Tuesday it was like the floodgates were opened and I was leaking all day. I have no idea what’s going on, or what the problem is. Somebody on here has had to have gone through this at some point, every other problem in penile health is covered, lol! So, BUMP!! and please help!


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