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Help with routine- Prostate health!!!

Help with routine- Prostate health!!!

Hey fellas-

Here’s the scoop. I am 21 years old and have nasty case of prostatitis. The inflammation of the gland cuts off some blood flow to my penis, and sometimes my erections are under par…

I have heard that this can be good for this problem, and retoring better function…

OK, tonight I did this:

I fired up the porn and just gripped the johnson tightly and did the squeezing (like starting and stopping to pee over and over) for about 10 minutes….

I was hoping you guys could help me improve on this. How long should I do it? How often? How hard does it have to be (hard to stay up without strokin’!!) Thanks for the help!


Also, I was just searching around and saw some people had problems with erections… Can this stuff make it worse?? That’s scary!!!


If you have prostatis (inflammation of the prostate) you may need antibiotics. In younger men the most common cause of prostatitis is sexually transmitted disease, altough the organisms common to older men can be at fault its much more common for it to be the clap or clamydia. See a Dr.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

You don’t mention whether or not you are being treated for your prostatitis. If you are not, you should be. If you have a bacterial type, bacteria will remain in the pockets of your prostate even after you feel normal again, only to flare up at some future time. Having a urine culture done will help determine which antibiotic drug is appropriate for you.

Learning to do Kegel exercises is a very bad idea while you have active prostatitis. By performing the squeezes you are only further aggravating your already-inflamed prostate. Your PC muscle, which is located in the perineal area (where you may also have some pain now) can be very easily stressed at this time. Save the Kegels until after you are over the prostatitis.

If you are having trouble urinating, this might be eased by ejaculating, unless ejaculating is very painful. Cumming will help flush out some prostatic congestion and relieve the pressure on your urethra, which runs through your prostate. If ejaculation is very painful, lay off it until the inflammation subsides.

Erections can be less frequent during active prostatitis although this is not necessarily so. If you are having trouble getting hard and do not usually, don’t worry about it. Erections will return when your prostate settles down.



hey guys,

thanks for the info….so clear this up:

I am on med’s for prostatitis. I have taken 2 courses of anti-biotics before but not for long enough- hopefully this time will do the trick. I will lay off this stuff till the problem is gone…

Also, ejaculating isnt painful. I do it nightly as I understood it is good for prostate problems. My erections ARE somewhat under par, but im keeping my fingers crossed during these next 30 days for improvment.. I guess ill check back with you guys then… Thanks


Hope it gets resolved quickly.

A lot of urologists now are recommending 4 - 6 week courses of antibiotics. The reason is probably that the prostate is structurally highly-convoluted and not easily accessible to medications. Too many little places in there for bacteria to hide.



yea i got 30 days of levaquin.. i am very hopeful because this past fall he put me on 21 days and it cleared up about 65+%, so i hope another 30 will do the trick!! thanks


I was just wondering if it did the trick. What is your current situation. I am also a sufferer of prostatis like symptoms. I am 20 years old.


Have you seen a urologist about it yet or are you just dealing with it?

Since this thread started back in January, I have done a raft of research about prostatitis, especially on the type I have, which is bacterial and it is recurrent.

Two of us are working on adding some information here at MSHF on this complicated subject. Give us some time.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t been to a urologist about this you should see one. And not just any urologist but one with a special interest in prostate disease. Even among doctors there is both great disagreement and ignorance about the treatment of prostatitis.

My advice is: begin a search as to why you have this in the first place. There are a great many pathogens which can affect prostate health. Try to zero in on which one is “bugging” you.



Thanks for your concern. I have been seeing a urologist since the first few days I began to have symptoms. I have one main urologist that I started going to and have been consistantly. He just recently gave me lots of drugs, that seem to be helping considerable after not even a month. I dont want to post my whole story just yet, I dont think it is the right time. I initially had a bacterial infection that is supposed to be gone now. I will inquire into what type of bacteria it was. Since then no doctor has managed to find any bacteria anywhere although my symptoms persist.


I am sorry if this is a stuped question. I am not so active in posting that I always know what is going on or that I completely understand how the forum works. I have looked in the injury forum at thundersplace and I see a list of injuries with a yellow triangle thing to the right. I was wondering do these injuries stay at the top even when other threads recieve replys. If so, I was wondering if prostatis was or could be considered to stay up there. I did a search and received only three threads. Although I hear that this is one of the most common injurys that most men experience. I may be completely mistaken on how the forum works. I know you said that you are currently working on putting up some info on it. I feel like there is alot of guys worried about prostatis and maybe the older threads are getting lost.

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