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Help!! loose endurance and control

Help!! loose endurance and control

I am not sure whether it is ranitidine that affects my sexual life. Before ranitidine, i took pantoloc for 2 months then i started taking ranitidine around march 2003. Took it for 3 months and around the same time i felt that I can’t last as long with my partner. Usually around 7-10 mins, since then i can only last around 3 or less mins. I don’t know whether this medicine is affecting me. Pls give advice

Morevoer, i also noticed that i’m loosing hair quickly… around 40 to 70 hair a day!!! I’m a Norwood 2 now….just started to use rogaine.


I doubt it’s the Ranitidine; it just doesn’t have a reputation for causing ejaculation changes. I’m a case in point having taken it daily for almost three years for acid reflux - no difference in lasting time.




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