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Had an operation

Had an operation

Hi guys.

I’ve had a problem for some time now. Having a hydrohernea(not sure how it’s spelled).
So I had to have the operation done. Which means no PE for me for a long time. I’ve known about PE for some time now, but I never took an active interest until 2-3 months ago. There I saw some results, been better erection, and some length and girth gains(not that much, but satisfiable). Last month I almost gained 0.5’ in length, but then I had to stop before the operation and I’m guessing all the gains are gone since, that 0.5 happened in a month, it wasn’t conrete enough.

Anyway I had the operation and I asked the dr to have the foreskin removed I.e I am now cut, hehe. At my age(21) it’s not something you are supposed to do because of the icreased risk(I.e erections heh). Well anyway I had done, and some of the stitches opened up.
Did anyone else experience a similar problem? (Those of you who can remember ofcourse)

Cause one side looks different than the other now, and I’m pissed off. Hoping it’s all going to look ok, once it’s completely healed. Right now it looks deformed because of the stitches and the swelling.

I also asked for him to remove some papules I had on the head but he ended up removing only a couple on one side and stopped because he feared that sensitivity might go down a lot. (So if anyone is considering about the papules thing, think again.) I hate them myself but no point losing sensitivity right?

So any of you guys had these kind of operations, can you please comment on the healing? Cause I’m really looking to starting PE again, my routine and all. And it looks like it won’t be for anyother 4-5 months the least. Thats when the safety period is over that is. No telling if it’s going to be completely healed.

Do you think I should risk trying just after the safety period? I know you’re not doctors, I’m just asking for your opinions. Since I have nothing else to do now, and I’m stuck at home until the stitches are removed.


Get well soon….

cead mile failte :lep:

Seems to me that you should sue the f—king doctor.

Thanks everyone.

Good point Terry. It looks like frankenstein d**k.

Hydrohernea is just fluid around one/both of your balls. In the nutsack that is :)

So it looks as big as a tennis ball. Unfortuantely it ;p

I suggest not doing PE until all is healed. You definitely risk making it look like Frankenstein meets Dracula.

regards, mgus

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