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Getting rid of Genital Warts

Getting rid of Genital Warts

Nothing I do seems to be working. I have had these for over 9 months now and am going on 7, yes 7, nitrogen treatments.

They are at the base and on one side only in a patch and although they have cleared up some, they either keep reappearing or simply won’t die. I know that you can’t cure HPV, but I’m tired of reading posts from people who say stuff like, “I had those 10 years ago. Got them fried off and they never came back.”

I’m pretty bummed cuz I started seeing a new girl I really like and I’m terrified to tell her anything. The last girl I told never called me again.

I already have 2 big scars from the freezing treatment and am now considering Aldara. At the moment, there are no obvious warts, but if you look real close there are some very tiny bumps that looks as though they might grow eventually.

Can anyone offer some advice? I would really appreciate some help.


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I had some genital warts a few years ago. I went to a dermatologist and he sprayed them. I think he used liquid nitrogen. I had two more warts a short time after that. I used dry ice on them.

Colloidal Silver applied topically is supposed to be good for warts.

It’s cheap and wouldn’t hurt to give it a try


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