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Getting low testosterone tested in UK

Getting low testosterone tested in UK

Hi guys, I’m 27 years old and still cannot grow facial hair properly and so I decided to research the causes of this online. One of the things I came accross was that I might be suffereing from low testosterone levels. As I looked at the other symptomns of having low testosterone, I noticed that i suffered from nearly all of them such as mild depression, mental fogginess/fuzziness, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, loss of muscle, increased weight gain and a general feeling of not caring about anything.

I live in the UK and was wondering if anyone knew the procedure for having my T-levels checked? Do I simply go to my GP? or do i need to go to the hospital?

Thanks Guys!

I’m checked in a large hospital as I firstly was admitted with undiagnosed severe symptoms nothing has been found so far but I was quite sick and recuperation came as quickly as the onset of the condition anyway one endocrinologist investigated my lack of hair and found that my testosterone was on the lowish side. Recently I went to a men’s clinic I received a jab and had an erection lasting longer than an hour. So the upshot is nothing wrong with my testosterone levels.

However in your case it may be different all or most symptoms you are experiencing are related Yes with glads but more importantly with Thyroid function so it is extremely important for you to see and endocrinologist to diagnose the proper function of the gland around your neck.

Not much needed just a full blood and saliva tests are needed

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