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Getting a hard time

Getting a hard time

Hey guys since I started doing PE again a few months back , ( started with pumping , but that didn´t work out for me , now I´m doing memento´s routine ) I´m getting a really hard time cumming , I mean watching porn or plainly jerking off. I mean I just can´t do it , nothing happens , sometimes I can but it´s getting lesser and lesser. I don´t know about doing it live since I don´t have a GF at the moment. Anyway I credit this event to PE. I´m scared it might happen in real life. Any word of advice?

How intense is your PE sesssion? It could be that you have over-exerted yourself and its resulted in this? Do you do Kegels? That helped me through a period of lack of erection/cumming due to strenuous PE. Are you having trouble maintaining wood? How often do you beat off? Again, there are alot of factors that could physically contribute to this.

It could also be mental. I knew a guy who had this problem. He never PE’d (as far as I know anyway) and was purported to have a huge size and was rock hard. However, despite this he couldn’t finish. No cum, ever. He was so insane about it he went to doctors. End of the day, it turned out to be psychological. So he did some visualization stuff and after a while, he was cumming like Peter North.

As far as PE goes. Lay of it for awhile at any rate; see if there is a difference. Keep posting your progress though.

Good luck

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

Take a break bro your dick is tired

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

My Wood is fine , I just can´t cum as before , I´ve stopped PE for a month now to see if it would get better but no result. Its like porn just doesn´t turn me on anymore. I get a nice wood but no end result.

If that’s the case, best to stop whacking it for a while. See how that goes.

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

Originally Posted by acer1683
If that’s the case, best to stop whacking it for a while. See how that goes.

Yeah! and stop watching porn for awhile. Maybe you are burned out on it. Take a break from everything for awhile. Maybe?

Sure , I will let you know how it goes in one week or so.

Originally Posted by Hello2
Sure , I will let you know how it goes in one week or so.

Good luck dude.

Guess I was just burn out of Porn , everything´s good now.

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