Genital Warts Gone

Well after almost 12 months of anguish, various treatments and no PE my warts have finally gone. After the usual 4 months of keeping it quiet I plucked up the courage to visit my GP who prescribed Aldara cream. Several months of this resulted in limited success. A particularly stubborn cluster meant a referral to a consultant urologist who used stuff called Trichloro Acetic Acid. This burned like the fires of hell, but boy did it obliterate the stubborn warts! After several doses of this stuff and some mopping up with Aldara (which seemed to work better on the treated warts as the skin became more permeable) I’m finally clear and back on full PE routine. I know that I will have the virus for life and outbreaks of warts are always possible, but I now have a strategy for dealing with them - hit them early with Aldara, roughen the surface with an emery board (or even cut them off!) and work the cream into the softened surface - gone in 2 days! It feels so good to be back at this wonderful quest for a bigger dick, now that the depression has gone and I now have a normal and healthy looking unit. By the way, when I told the urologist about filing the warts down before using the Aldara, he just shrugged his shoulders and said “whatever works!”.