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Final Stage of Squirting


Originally Posted by stash01
Plus ass the age, their bladder drops, so when the urinate, they think they are completely empty but there is still some urine in the bladder. When they have a orgasm, the strong contractions squeeze the bladder and that’s that.

Right! I believe this. The babe has a urine scent in her panties ptetty often so i figured s he lets droplets out during the day due to control issues.

Originally Posted by djrobins
You can store more than a litre of pee in your bladder. So where is the bladder which.holds this mystery fluid?

There isn’t a bladder because the ejaculate is from filtered blood plasma. It is secreted into the urethra and expelled through it. There have been “urinalyses” done comparing the ejaculate to the subjects own urine and it was not urine. You can read one of the studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine here:…E572 F3.f02t01

As for your own wife, I do not doubt your judgement, but please do not speak for all women without proof.


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