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Epilator for guys

Epilator for guys

Everyone talks about shaving and tweezing their pubes.
For quite a while iv been growing hair quite a way up my shaft and this has been really bothering me.
Iv tried shaving but this just makes it look worse, I hate the resultant stubble and it also irritates my GF when we have sex.
Tweezing is just extremely time consuming!
Has anyone tried epilating? Any ideas, feedback would be really appreciated!


Do you have a high pain tolerance?

Based on the wife’s grimaces, and curses, I’d keep it away from big Jim and the twins…..

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

I have used an epilator several times, and have a few words about them.

- Don’t use one on your nuts. It will eat your nuts for lunch I did find that the sides of the scrotum can be epilated if held taut, but not the rest.

- Don’t expect perfect results. A lot of the hairs will be broken off rather than plucked by the tweeser heads, so they will grow back sooner than expected.

- Expect to bleed at least a little almost every time you use one. I also find that ingrowns seem to be a bigger problem than other methods.

But in the end, I prefer it to shaving.

Not perfect but it works pretty well. To get that baby smooth feel shave with a regular razor after. I use it for maintenance and only do a close shave if I feel the boys might see some action - which is never.

I do NOT represent this company and I am NOT endorsing the product. Just saying it works for me.

-Start: NBPL 5.75" x 5.5" EG-

-Goal: NBPL 7" x 6"-

Thanks for the replys guys.

MDC which 1 do you use?

How did you deal with ingrown hairs?



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