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Hey, i have bad eczema, Ive been to the doctor, he gave me a few different steroid creams, they kill the rash but the bad itching is still there, i want to try an alternative medicine to try and get rid of this.

Does anybody know any good alternative medicines to treat eczema?



I had pretty bad eczema as well (almost my entire back and chest) and I got rid of it inside a week. How? I stopped believing everything the medical community was telling me.

Everyone said that it was not fungal, yet I knew mine flared after hot sweaty days where I got covered in dust (I’m in construction). I tried Canestan cream and most of it disappeared within three days!

It still flares in small spots now and then, I just hit it with the Canestan and it goes right away.

Don’t need a prescription either, it is available over the counter (normally used for tinea I think)

And I found I did not itch either.

My sister has had eczema all her life. She uses something but she’d had bad discoloration afterwards. She ended up getting something new but it itched as you said. She ended up getting Eucerin Aquahor. Said it helped 100%. Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment is very good also.

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I had eczema on and off throughout my teens. I also was given numerous topical ointments for relief. All worked to some extent. However, they only treat the symptoms. Once I got my diet straighted out, it disappeared. I started eating fresh vegetables and whole grains(for the complete B complex, sans B 12, which most typically is provided by red meat) especially and very importantly, brown rice.

I had occasional flareups in my late 30’s and I’m like WTF. Did quite a bit of reading and started taking a balanced Omega-6/Omega-3 formula. The one I’ve been taking is available from Life Extension Foundation, These guys are great. Their products are the purest available, IMO. It’s called Super GLA/DHA-1000 mg. It’s also quite good for cardiovascular health and my skin, at 53, is still very supple. Haven’t had even a hint of eczema since than.

Thanks for the info everyone.

Larry, can I get this Omega-6/Omega-3 formula from a regular health food shop or chemist? I live in Australia and I dont really like ordering off the internet. Also are there any good websites that you know so I can do some reasearch for myself?

thanks, and BTW andy nice atavar mate.


What is it? a tablet, cream? where can i get it?


One thing to check is what do washing powder liquid is used when laundering? There have been many cases of skin reacting with these detergents even though they are said to be ‘safe’

Certainly, try altering what is being used at present, Maybe using some hand wash liquid soap might help.


Good suggestion, Petit. Worked for my cousin.



Flax seed oil also works if you want to take the naturopathic approach. You can drink it and apply it directly to your skin.

Thanks everyone :)

Larry I got the tablets, im taking 6000mg a day, how long until I see results?



It wouldn’t be instantaneous. I am guessing, but within several weeks you should see some changes.

Don’t forget diet is also very important. Fresh fruits and vegetables, no more white bread and white rice, only whole grains, cut out the sweets like sodas. The B complex in the proper ratio is essential. I take brewers yeast. It’s about 6 or 7 bucks for a bottle that lasts months.

Not only will your eczema clear up but your dick will be down to your knees.

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There are two non-steroidal prescription drugs for eczema out recently. If you have it on your hands you can squirt some vaseline inside latex gloves and wear them to bed.

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