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contracting herpes

contracting herpes

I’m with a girl now who has genital herpes. Question is how do I avoid contracting it myself?
I searched a bit around, but if you guys could chime in that would be great.

Will using a condom be enough?
Is it contagious when she doesn’t have sores (researched this and was a bit unclear)?
Any ointments, medicines to consider?
Oral sex seems out of the question, fingering too?

Quitting with the girl is not an option for now :) .

Al , you might already have it !

Herpes is very contagious , whatever form it may take .

You do not even need to have genital contact , just some good flesh on flesh , or heavy petting ,and you are in the running .

There are medications that the girl can take to reduce outbreaks , and risks to partners , but all you can do is reduce the risk , not eliminate it .


That’s right: as Muscular_Beaver said, you may got it. Maybe not from her, but somebody else. It’s quite a common disease. Have you ever had little bubbles(blisters) on your lips or over your penis(pubic area, to say the truth)? They are gone in a few days. During this outbreaks it’s most contagious, but you may contract it ANYTIME, it’s hard to say(it depends on many factors). You may be infected just kissing(contact with saliva). So, don’t perform sexual intercourse(ANY kind) in the course of this periods(it’s mostly her responsibility to pay attention). Condom is obligatory(always), but the general rule is ‘never do direct contact to flesh/mucosa’. When I say contact I mean TOUCH AS WELL, because the virus can attack finger’s skin too. Whether we talk about genital and oral forms it’s not important, because the two main kind of viruses(HSV-1 and HSV-2) are so close related that one can affect each other’s focus areas(type 1 is normally found at mouth, and type 2 on genitals). That’s the reason today’s tests don’t distinguish between them. I don’t know about any medicine to be used ‘in loco’ to reduce chances of greeting sick, and I doubt there is. But there are drugs to help with outbreaks.

Thanks for the responses, together with the other threads I found here on thunders it’s proven more helpful then a regular Internet search.

I had an STD test a month ago, no problems then. But I am only with her after the test…

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