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Contraceptive pill?

Contraceptive pill?

Hey guys, my girlfriend takes the pill for almost 2 months now and last sunday we didn’t use the condom on the 2nd shot… I didn’t come the 2nd shot, I only stayed in her for about 15 seconds but the first shot I came so maybe I still had some cum on my dick… She’s supposed to be in her periods on next sunday. I’d like to know how effective is supposed to be the pill after a little less than 2 months and what are the risks of her being pregnant.. (duh…)


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The pill (mycrogynem) becomes effect (99.9%) after the first 14 days, there on after she should be safe 24/7 even on her period providing she takes it on time each day. If she misses a pill then you must wear a condom for another 14 days. This may differ from pill to pill, so best you read the leaflet from inside the box.

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What about if she is on the sugar, but not having her period and you have sex? Is this a situation where she could be fertile?

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