circumcision revision surgery done. :o

Hey guys. I haven’t been around for a few months because I paid somebody to take a razor-sharp object to my penis. As scary as it sounds, I think that it was money well spent. I remember when I was thinking about getting my circumcision re-done to alleviate the adhesions from my infant-age circumcision, I didn’t know where to look to ask for help. A few of you really helped me out, if not through advice, at least through encouragement. I know there’s gotta be more people who are thinking about getting a similar problem fixed, and I’m here to answer questions if you have them. Just throw me a PM or respond to this post. I’m looking forward to getting back into PE soon since it has been about 3 months since my surgery in March and I haven’t dared think about PE since then. Anyway, thanks again to those who responded! I’m totally excited to actually see the entirety of my penis.

Lesson Learned: Your penis will not grow if you PE 2 times a month.

Start: 12-10-06 NBPEL: 4.75" BPEL: 5.00" EG: 5.15" :wave:

Current: BPEL: 5.25" EG 5.25" Goal: BPEL: 7.25" EG: 6