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Can urologists prescribe SSRI's?

Can urologists prescribe SSRI's?

I am in the process (changing insurance companies) of going to an urologist in the next 2 weeks or so in order to get answers to my frequent urination and premature ejaculation. I have had blood work and an urine analysis done and that did not turn up any answers so my doctor told me to go see an urologist. If my prostate checks out fine and the frequent urination is due to something not very serious, does the urologist have the power to prescribe me some SSRI’s for my premature ejaculation?

Yes I am very aware of the possible side effects and am still not sure if SSRI’s are for me but just in case I want to bring in credited articles on the possibility of SSRI’s curing premature ejaculation.

Yes, I believe so. Even a GI doctor can prescribe them.

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They certainly can in the UK. As I’ve had them prescribed for that very purpose. It works too. But some of the side effects may be a pain. Be sure to wean off again slowly at the end.

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Any physician licensed in any state in the US can write prescriptions for any nonscheduled (non-narcotic) medications. Narcotics require special Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and special state prescription pads to write. SSRI’s are not narcotics. It is up to the individual physician to make the decision whether he or she believes it will help your problem.

Supposedly, in very rare circumstances psychologist can wrote some scripts too. That may still be confined to experimental programs to address mental health issues in the Indian/Native American affairs dept as well as dome dept of Defense stuff. Don’t know if it is still happening or what anymore, this was in the late 90s/early 2000s according to one of my psych textbooks.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I would strongly urge you to reconsider your idea about SSRI’s as a cure for premature ejaculation.

Unless you suffer from chronic depression (the key word being ‘chronic’) it is extremely unwise to fool with your brain chemistry in this way, for this purpose.

There are many other approaches to take.

SSRI’s do, in some cases, make ejaculation difficult. Your best case scenario would be swapping premature ejaculation for the opposite: difficulty ejaculating. That’s no fun either. Additionally, the potential side-effects from Zoloft, Prozac, etc. for someone who doesn’t need them for their stated purpose, are considerable.

I would first look into the solutions proffered by other kinds of literature to see if you can’t retrain your body. Mostly premature ejaculation is about not understanding the relationship between stimulus and different levels of arousal. There are books that deal with this. The Mult-Orgasmic Man (to name just one) has a chapter and a whole set of systematic exercises that can be done which will help to re-condition your sexual responses and allow you to tune in to your body better and gain the control you seek. That’s a much better way to go.

Should this approach fail, look to hypnotism, or even acupuncture before you start turning your brain inside out with these drugs.

The idea that every problem can be solved with a pill is just crap, and some of these pills - in addition to making drug companies rich on your nickel - deliver a lot more than you’d wish you bargained for.

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