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Can anyone else...

Can anyone else...

I was with my girlfriend the other night and I have recently noticed that I can continue to f*** her even after I have ejaculated fully, I think it is because I have a high sex drive. It drains all my energy if I continue, but I stay ROCK solid and try to do it for as long as I can just to make my girlfriend orgasm a few times. I am pretty sure I could never stay hard after ejaculating before, but I can just keep on going and going, if I went to the gym more then I believe I could do it long enough untill I am ready to cum again, lol.

Anyone else like this? I feel like a superhero :D

Currently doing manual stretches, jelqing and starting ULI's. Still trying to lower my tight and very high erection angle.

BPEL: 6.2 inches / NBPEL: 5.7 inches / EG: 4.5 inches

Thanks for all the support.

Ok mate what’s your secret :P How old are you by the way? Do you think PE improved your chance to stay hard after ejaculating?

I bet your girl thinks you’re a superhero too :D

Mine will usually stay hard for a while after ejaculating. I just feel too drained to continue. Plus, that she seems to discourage me trying.

I can continue too after ejaculation if I stop only for a moment or not at all. If I have not had sex/masturbated for a couple days I can have orgasm/ejaculate about 4- 5 times totally.

It could be, because I have quite high testosterone levels, but I don’t know how much that affects to this thing and have not even thought it much (starting mind work).

Keep soft tissue soft.

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