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Hey all, Its me again… Just wanted to say that my muscle gaining is coming along very nicely… although.

Yes, you guessed it - I am getting worried about something again, lol.
Well, lately, I have been eating properly and drinking alcohol a lot less but lately I have gained a lot of weight JUST in my stomach. I look like I am 7 months pregnant and it looks horrible on a small guy like me, I am not exaggerating at all.

What is this? I am convinced its cancer or something, Or am I just bloated? I kinda have abs when I lift myself upright and stand tall, but as soon as I let my body relax completely then it pops right out and looks like I am carrying a child…

Anybody know what this is?

Thank you all… Be nice to hear from you all again!

Cancer will usually but not always cause some form of weight loss. So I doubt you got the big “C”. However it could be some form of alcohol related illness, even if you halted your drinking. But I am no doctor.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Are you sure it’s not just very full stomach and intesines from eating big for muscle growth?

Just for kicks, you could try using something like “Homozon” which will really clear you out without irritation, just to see if it flattens things out.

It sounds like a Beer Tumor!

How are your movements? Could you increase your roughage intake?

One Word. Metamucil

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

How long have you been like this?

Metamucil <—— what is this?

Well basically, I have had blood in my stools for about 2 years.. Normally very light, never went to doctors about it and I never will. No changing my mind on that, I just couldn’t do it no matter what - I would rather die, it’s too embarrassing.

Anyway, Normally it isn’t much blood and is normally after I have strained - then from then on it bleeds each time I go for a long long time untill I have a streak of going without straining AT ALL for ages!

This might be coincidence that the blood only happens when I strain, I hope it is just a cut. Normally the blood looks fresh, sometimes its lots and appears to be on the surface of the feces and lots when I wipe, sometimes Its not much at all. It’s normally lots of blood if I strain slightly or continue going more than what I need to.

But last couple of days the blood hasn’t looked fresh, I have felt like I needed to go and then when I try, I only release a tiny bit of “poo”, lol.. which is surrounded by very dark red blood (which normally isn’t a good thing to have, right?)

So I am VERY worried about this - would the amount of worrying I do stop me from going properly and make me feel like I haven’t been properly each time that I do go?

The bloatedness seems to have got bigger over the last 2 days, is my worrying a big cause of all this??

Someone please help, don’t pull no punches. I know I am silly for not going doctors, but I just can’t at all, no way.

Sorry if this disturbed anyone, thank you so much.

Dark blood and/or dark stools is not a good sign. I’m not a doctor. Just family experience. If you don’t want to go to the doctor then why do you want to know? You will worry yourself into an illness.

If you won’t go to the doctor for yourself, would you do it for loved ones? My ex-husband feels the same as you. He wouldn’t go to the doctor for his family either. :(

For the first part it just sounds like you have a vein or capilliary near the surface that is constantly getting scrubbed. The latter may be exactly the same, but there’s no way of knowing from a forum.

My first advice of course would be to go to the doctors, but if you really are not prepared to do that, then I’d take measures to ‘lighten the load’ down there for a while to give it a rest. I stand by my original mention of ‘homazon’ since it can clear you out within a few hours, and doesn’t irritate anything. It has the added benefit of cleaning out the walls of the bowel which (depending on your age) may help you remove impacted faecal matter and absorb nutrients better.

Finally I’ll say again that I think your doctor is much better predisposed to progress this than anyone on a forum could ever be, and my basic feeling is that you’re getting concerned over nothing. Why not assume it’s nothing and check it out anyway, rather than assume it’s something and do nothing.

I get occasional blood and have done for as long as I can remember, but I can usually associate it with recent lifestyle changes.

But, I am a very nervous person, I would shake and fall apart if I had to sit with a doctor and talk about this kinda thing… I wouldn’t know what to say anyway…

Can’t exactly say “hi, my poo is covered in blood” :(


The first thing to do is what Shiver suggests, Get yourself cleared out,

Second you MUST go to a doctor. What do you say,

Simply ‘I’m concerned because I have blood in my stools’.

He will take over from there, and ask the questions. Such as:

How long has it been happening?


What your diet is?

You’ve had sex with a girl so you’ve been naked in front of someone So basically it is no worse than that.

If you really can’t go to the doctor, write him/her a not eplaining it and ask if he can visit you at your digs.

About the straining,

I broke a disc in my back years ago and it was absolute hell to strain when shitting, so i developed another way .

Just do very short compressing of your abdoment, like panting. That’s all. You should find after a minute or two things begin to move. to help, you can try turning your body slightly to the left and right, as sometimes it works better one side than the other

Without the straining you may find the bleeding stops.

If talking about it don’t use ‘shit’ use ‘faeces’, lower/upper abdomen, anus - not arsehole’ It’s all the same I know but you will not feel so ‘dirty’ about it, and will have more confidence talking to your doctor.

Finally, have you been overdoing the supplements? lay off them for a while you may just be causing too much acid in your stomach and reacting to that.


I’m kind of reluctant to mention this since it’s treating a symptom rather than a cause, but if when you’re talking about shaking and falling to pieces you really mean to the point where ‘Absolute Terror’ takes over and you have to literally run out of the room, then it might be worth considering a prescription beta blocker like Inderal to break the cycle.

Most of these symptoms are learned responses and self reinforcing, so by using a prop like Inderal the idea is not to block the fear (though it will do that), but to allow you to go through the experience and show your brain that the emotional “panic, run” response is unnecessary, and that the logical “I’ve nothing to fear” is a reasonable response. When you go through that experience enough times without consequence it will become your new habit, at which point you can remove the Inderal (or whatever prescription), and repeat it at will quite easily.

It’s important to do the whole sequence though, and not become reliant on a drug to get you through. If you’re feeling no pain then there’s little incentive to complete the exercise, so discipline is mandatory.

Since this particular issue is about going to the doctors, it’s unlikely you are going to repeat that actual experience too mant times, so better to practise with anything that makes you nervous. If you have a social phobia, or an issue smiling and making eye contact when buying a newspaper for example, all of these things can help build your confidence for a situation you have never experienced (like the doctors).

Hope this isn’t drifting too far off topic :)

Excellent advice Shiver.

But hey, Rundown mate, doctors have seen many a problem just like yours and it’s probably just something as simple as piles. Lots of people get them, I’ve got them, my wife has too; they are veins that under strain can pop out, ich alot, burn or burst causing some blood. So again the doc is so used to seeing this stuff, you should not fear that you are unique or have a cancer or something. Get it checked out man and give yourself a break from worrying.

Here we go again. Look I have a chronic ass disease that I live with every fucking day. I have had more doctors up in my ass than I care to really remember. Go getting taken care of. I had cramps so bad they gave me phenobarbital just so I could walk upright and not be doubled over. Now try being this way and working a physically intensive warehouse job for United Parcel Service which aggravates the hell out of you. There is nothing better than sitting in your house for 6 months straight other than going to work or yet another doctor’s appointment.

Anyhow think for once instead of feeling all crazed. Learn what foods give you the most problems and cut them the fuck out of your intake. It takes time. For instance coffee and even its smell can make me have the trots within minutes. I weave between chronic diarrhea like you only get when you had your worst flu to that of constipation that lasts up to a week. Mostly I have the runs.

I have been sick with this stuff every day almost since Christmas Day 1997 when I went to go see QT’s Jackie Brown. I learned to know about it and control everything I could to get the best management of my situation.

Metamucil is good shit. What that does is it adds bulk to your stool (tird) which means for easier times shitting. The cool thing about it is it binds all the little pebble shits into one or two nice flowing ones. The idea is to “prime the pump” with your gutty works. Metamucil and Citrucell are over the counter products in America. You simply add this powder to water and stir and drink it down after you eat something. Works wonders. I recommend flavored kind cause it is kind of gritty at first. I mix mine with Orange Juice or Orange Drink for the taste.

Switch toilet papers too. Get the expensive multi ply stiff, you have only one ass so you might as well give it a silk treatment with good feeling stuff. Don’t over-wipe and cause fissures and other funess. If you want go for baby wipes. They supposedly feel great and get all the shit off your dupah.

Finally get some type of SSRI. The reason for this is there is so much serotonin in your intestines. This regulates it nice and good and is documented by doctors in easing ass problems. Take a look into this stuff.

If you have constant constipation take magnesium, if you have the runs you take calcium. Hobby I believe replied to one of my numerous colitis rants with this good information. So it is the shit for your problem.

Any questions ask me here or PM me. Any time.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


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