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Big builds on women vs small builds indicate in general?


You guys seem to be mostly past this issue by now, but I got curious and looked at that size chart anyway. Did anyone else do the math? There’s an interesting result…

Obviously there’s a huge variance among guys of the same height, but the _averages_ do seem to creep up as height increases. And look at this:

Divide the average length for a given height by that same height and you get a figure very close to 0.09 for every single height category. In fact, the range is from 0.089 to 0.095.

This means that (statistically, and for averaging purposes only) a guys penis will be about 9% of his height!

I just thought that was kinda neat.

Busted Bus


You said what I tend to think—that smaller men get intimidated by women who look like too much to handle. I never realised other people could have the same views I do about so many things—I thought it was just my way of thinking! Also, I am very envious of your size, yet at the same time you are inspiring for me. That’s an awesome size to be. If I were your size I would probably be trying to pick up every available chick in town. I believe it would go to my head (ego). Maybe in time I would calm down about my weapon.


Incidentally, I’m not pissed in any way over the debate. Hell, it’s your freedom to speak your mind. And it’s only natural that there will be debating.

We’re either talking about techniques, application of techniques, or statistics and how they apply, etc., ect., so it’s only natural that there will be differences of opinion on the site.

As I said, I had no problem with it and was not offended in any way, even if the point-counter-point seemed contentious to readers. I, personally, like to read threads where there is vigorous debating. Those hold the most interest for me, outside of technique threads.

You just have to catch them before they get text-book length, then just read the latest installment. I really like the ” The debate ends as to visual turn on” thread, right now. Good reading, and since it’s opinion-based (which will obviously vary from person to person) it’s going to give insight into different peoples points of view.

In closing, feel free to disagree with me any time. I’m not thin-skinned. And if I’m wrong, I’m willing to admit that.


Where the hell were you when the debate was raging at it’s most serious? :) And always feel free to post when you’re going to agree with me (just b.s.’ing).

But, no, I didn’t notice that penis size was about 9% on average of a man’s height (in that study anyway). But, as i was saying (which you obviously noticed) there isn’t a gene that determines this, that’s just the percentage that it is (on AVERAGE, in THAT study).

And since there is no gene to determine this, the PERCENTAGE will be smaller in less well-endowed males, and a larger PERCENTAGE in more well-endowed males.

And before controversy is rekindled, there isn’t a gene that determines the percentage. The percentage of the whole is determined by ancestry. :)

anonymous, I like the way that you stated that “the VW would tolerate your size more”. That supports my theory. You see not all of them have had their limits pushed, tested, or loosened. Not all of those VW’s have had children or lots of sexual experience either, but put both a petite woman a woman with a larger pevlis on a vaginal enlargement program, and I’ll bet that the woman with the larger pelvis reaches a larger size.

That doesn’t mean that either of them will take a liking to the largest sizes, but just that one may have a little less limitations down there.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Small women don’t at least feel tighter in bed.
Im quite tall person and when woman is about 5,5 thats close to perfect if they are tall like 6 or even 6,5 that freaks me out.

You never dont know what you will get in bed when it comes to vagina size.
Well if she haves sex with 20 difrent guys in week you cant expect something that tight.
When i stardet having sex i was 15 and girls were much more sensitive, now normally all of them can take 8 inches and want more.
Stuff gets used over the years you know.

Looking to be a kiwi.

I was watching the American Music Awards show tonight (I think I have the correct music award name here)and the song “I Like the Way You Move” was performed on stage. I don’t know the name of the group but they are black. They had a woman on stage that looked like an amazon. Her entire build was absolutely huge and she wasn’t short. She had the biggest roundest butt I’ve ever seen on a woman. I couldn’t help but think no regular size man could come close to being enough for her. Anyone else see her?

I was channel surfing on tv and there’s a show on spike tv(called the first channel just for men)that is asian, playing some sort of games.One of the games they must run across narrow paths above nets or above water and are hit with plastic balls in an effort to knock them off the path. Anyway, I was noticing that their their bodies are smaller compared to white people or black people. This got me to thinking about race and penis size and also about the height correlation we discussed in this thread. Seems to me that the race debate about penis size and race really boils down to this: In general, white people are a bigger body race than asian people and black people are a bigger body race than white people. I hope my observation doesn’t sound racist. I’m white and am attracted to women of any race and am not racist. I just couldn’t help but think of the correlation we discussed and when I was noticing the game show it connected in my mind. Race and size is a common debate but I think it’s really just the body height and/or body size correlation that each race happens to vary on.

The reason I even mention about racism is because I once had someone tell me that when I compare in black and white terms that I’m being racist. I disagreed and said I considered racism to be when someone thinks and/or talks down about another race. She said no, that comparisons can be “kind and racist”. That confused the hell out of me and I’m glad I never had to speak with her again because I felt insulted for her to tell me I was a racist.

comparing people on the basis of skin colour is not racist, just as comparing people of different hair or eye colour, or height, or any other physical or mental attribute it not any kind of racist behaviour…

It becomes racist when you use those facts to try and substantiate some kind of attack or discrimination against people with that common trait as a whole.

For example, I could say to somebody: “Wow, you have really dark skin” and it wouldn’t be racist no matter who I’m talking to, or who I am, because it would merely be an observation.

However, if I were to say to the same guy, “wow your skin is so dark, therefore you are not allowed to come into my house” - That would be racist.


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