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Arimidex or "Suicidal Aromatase Inhibitors"

Arimidex or "Suicidal Aromatase Inhibitors"

Ok, so I started out with the following stats back in November:

Total Testosterone: 720
Free T: 10 Percent
Estradiol: 40

After two months on arimidex (anastrazole), my stats were:

Total Testosterone: 832
Free T: 15.8
Estradiol: 24

In other words, looking pretty good. However, there is always the
issue of fluctuation as the body tries to create more aromastase.

Now, one person has told me that a “suicidal” aromotase inhibitor will
be even better, create more free T, etc.

Any thoughts, experiences?

So how did it work? Did you get the arimidex through prescription?

I have been thinking about using an aromatase inhibitor by itself, for a 6-8 week cycle.

Now just thinking whether Arimidex or 6-OXO (or Novadex XT or other OTC supplements) should be used. I think I can get the Arimidex from my doc, so whats better?


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