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Are women aware of the cul de sac


Are women aware of the cul de sac

After reaching the length of 8” nbp, which is the length most say one can begin to reach the cull de sac region of a woman’s pussy. I began wondering are women even aware of the cull de sac?

We’ve discussed the cull de sac a number of times on this board, from what it is to how long one needs to be to reach it. Along with what affect it has on a woman’s attitude towards sex once you tap into that region.

From my experience the vast majority of women have no clue about this region of there pussy. Even though they may have had a well endowed man before, and I say may because we’ve learned women have no clue on actually determining the true length of a mans dick and they lie to impress their friends, I’ve never heard of women talking about how a man pushing pasted her cervix into the cull de sac stretching her to extreme pleasure before. All I’ve heard is that he couldn’t fit it all the way in, cause he was hitting her cervix. So my believe is that the vast majority of woman don’t even know of this region of their own body. Cause if they did they might embrace PE instead of frowning upon it.

This is for you men who have reached that area. Did your woman/women know of the cull de sac before you reached it?

>>This is for you men who have reached that area. Did your woman/women know of the cull de sac before you reached it?>>

No, I don’t think so. btw I began to reach the cds at certain times of the month once I past 7.0” bp. It varies with the woman and time of month.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Luv, I was saying at 8” one can reach the cds on a regular basis regardless of what time of the month.


I think that is right.

I think that when I get to 8.5” bp that I will be able to put good pressure all the time. Now I hit it all the time but there are times of the month where I’m barely there (current 7.75 bpel).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


They know after you get in there and they go bonkers, but your right I think most women don’t know about. I think we have to get some input from our fine Thunder ladies.



I remember there was a diagram of the vagina detailing the cul de sac….I couldn’t find it. Does anybody remember the link or have it?

I think luvdadus had it before……

Thanks in advance….

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cul de sac

Hi everyone, this is my first post of anything on this forum. I am waiting to introduce myself to all of you in a bit more detail. I must say that I am so happy to have found this forum. It is absolutely wonderful that like-minded people are coming toghether to achieve a common goal. I think that this forum and another one like it will be a major factor in many members reaching their enlargement goals. You guys are absolutely wonderful. Thanks Thunder, and all other contributors of time, info, and $.

The cul de sac really interest me. I have just found this forum last week. I have been reading all that I can while tending to my busy schedule. I have always been very curious about a woman’s max aroused vaginal depth. I have scoured the net in search of this sort of information. has a survey of 4081 women from around the world on genital measurements and sexual habits. They have a graphs of vaginal depths both relaxed and aroused. I still feel that these measurement averages are curved downward by sexually inactive or inadequate women that answered the surveys. My biggest question to all of you guys would be. Have any of you noticed any visible physical characteristics that are common among women with (naturally larger, without being affected by child birth or sexual history) larger vaginas (depth and width). I have in my limited experience found some characteristics to somewhat indicate vaginal size or appearance.

Jojo, I wish that I could share with you some information about the cul de sac, but I am just as hungry as you for such knowledge. I will be searching the older threads that I heard mention of.

I am sure that this forum is responsible for so many positive changes in peoples lives, and not just sexually. This forum is a dream come true. I have stubled across others in the last year, but none were active enough (about true enlargement) except pe forums and this one. I think that the member data page is a wonderful source of information for comprison, motivation, and personal regimen design! This forum is like a priceless gift to me, and I am sure that many others feel the same.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

I just find it interesting that more and more women are openly saying they want to, or have said they’ve have, experienced a bigger dick. And not even know, or have talked about, this region of their body. So if they don’t know about this region, once you reach it are you viewed as some type of sex guru/god?


Aw God..

I never knew about this “deep spot” (I like that term better than cul de sac) and I guess I know why..

So you’ve got to be in the 8”+ club to hit that spot and drive someone to multiple orgasms?

You know my fingers aren’t even 8 inches long and I read on that other older thread about someone poking around in the deep spot with their fingers…and I’m not the fisting type so I guess I’ll just have to stick to the g spot eh..

Is this true even for small thin women (as in females between 5’1” - 5’5”)?

Cause if it is, I probably won’t ever be giving someone this pleasure for another 2 years…and thats only IF I make length gains.

Damn…what a wonderful thread to make me eat my own words about all those times I said size won’t stop you from getting laid.

Well… it never stopped ME from getting laid, but now I guess I can see why I never recieved any reassuring compliments afterwards. From 5.5” nbp to 8” nbp in 2 years?? ..Heh chances of that are slim…

Oh well…


I’ve wondered about these issue of the female vagina for a long time.

For one, I may be wrong, but I think female vaginas are much like the inverse of male penises. Some are 5” max depth, some are 8” max depth, they have different widths, etc. Fortunately right now I have a girlfriend who fits me pretty good (but that hasn’t always been the case… probably one of the reasons I do PE).

I dont understand how one has to be 8”+ in the penis to reach the epicenter, or deep spot, or cul de sac, yet you can still reach it with your fingers. If you had 8” fingers people would be staring at you in the street, asking if you’ve “phoned home” or something. Maybe the angles are different, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sure length helps with this though.

So another question. Can stimulating the cul de sac give some girls an ejaculation, much like the g-spot can?

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To Kojack10,

I do not have the vast experience (Im 35 years old) with women, but I do know that thiner figured girls have larger vaginas (at least wider).
On the opposite side, “bigger” girls have smaller vaginas.


Ladies of Thunders, come out come out where ever you are. I would really like your input on this matter, cause who knows better than you.

Originally posted by jojo
Ladies of Thunders, come out come out where ever you are. I would really like your input on this matter, cause who knows better than you.

Jennifer will be coming in tonight and I will have her read your thread and comment.

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