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Anyone read The Multi Orgasmic Male?

Anyone read The Multi Orgasmic Male?

Well I was just wondering if anyone besides Mr. Happy had read this book and had success with it. I ordered the book and if anyone has any advice that has read it then please give it to me. :)

Yes, I have read it. I was able to put some of the principles to use to have orgasm-like experiences while meditating, I’ve never had the discipline to incorporate this into lovemaking. Something about having the lady there in the flesh that takes my concentration away from guiding my chi or tricking my reflexes or whatever. Anyway, it has been kind of useful for hitting in on blissed out plateau with “mini orgasms” before hitting the big one after 15-30 minutes.

I just got the book about half way through it and I have had a great measure of success just last nite I had I don’t know how many orgasms. Most people think that you have to squeeze your PC muscle but really that’s just a tool and you can actually learn how to separate your orgasm and ejaculation. To a certain extent I have to consciously tell myself to ejaculate the more I practice this technique the better I get to the point where orgasm and ejaculation are completely different events and I can do one without the other with great ease. So yea you should get the book, but really it all comes from practice.

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Ok thank you, I have actually been practicing what I know about it lately during masturbation. I get as close to ejaculation as I can, then just squeeze my PC muscle. It seems like I am able to go longer every time I start again. I actually noticed the thing about them being two different happenings. Last night I felt an orgasm and it lasted for about 5-8 seconds before I actually had to pinch it off, but that just progressed from the previous night so I can see myself being able to achieve having seperate orgasms and ejaculations.

I’ve done this sometimes now, And during sex I think it’s better (for me that is) to squeeze my PC muscle when I’m starting to feel something in my penis if you know what I mean. I last longer when I’m starting again with this method than doing the PC squeeze at “the point of no return”. The orgasm is better when I do the last one tough.

Maybe I haven’t practiced enough with the last one? Because it’s no problem for me to squeeze, it’s just that I last longer when I squeeze a little before “almost coming”.


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