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"Aneurysm" in Vans Deferens?

"Aneurysm" in Vans Deferens?

I’d like to know if anyone else here has been told they have an ballooning in the vans deferens after having a vasectomy.

About two years after the vasectomy I started having a fairly sharp discomfort near the right testicle. It only occured near orgasm, and only lasted a week or so every 6 months.

Finally after a very painful bout I called for a urologist visit and being in a HMO the nurse called back to talk over the phone. She “diagnosed” a ballooning in the tube near where it was tied off. Seems the pressure of semen trying to leave the testicle had caused an expansion of the tube. If it got bad they would have to do surgery.

Nevertheless I have not seen a urologist about this and after over a year of nothing I have a mild pain again, and just wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this.


Talk with the urologist, imo. These HMO telephone “advice nurse” consultations can be helpful but keep in mind that their purpose is partly to be gate-keepers for the institution, reducing the number of office visits and so cut costs.

There are lots of other reasons for testicular pain, most of them fairly benign. But orgasm is supposed to be pleasurable and painless so why not find out for sure what’s getting in your way?




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