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anal breathing better than kegels ??

anal breathing better than kegels ??

First , here is the article that says that kegels give you premature ejaculation http://www.herballove.con/article.asp?art=68

second - what is anal breathing. and are there any specific exercises ?

That’s the very best writing I’ve ever read from the illustrious Dr. Lin. He must have had help.

As we know, Dr. Lin is an accomplished doctor … of mechanical engineering. A PhD, actually. He is widely held to be a lunatic around here.

To experience his writing and mental organization first hand, visit his website at www.actionlove.con.

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modesto, lol

Anyways, as I see it this “anal breathing” is just a technique combining breathing (eg. breathing in with chest inflation) with visualizations (“move the orgasmic feeling away from the epicenter” ;) ).

The breathing itself is a nice thing and in itself increases time to ejaculation for me. BTW did you ever notice you are holding your breath (or nearly so) right before you start ejaculating ? I think there is a pattern which you can (partially) override with conscious deep breathing.
On the visualization part: Deep breathing can help you get into trance, thus making visualizations more effective. The only important part here is to believe that it’s gonna work for you.. Nothing else.
Well besides maybe the circulation of the orgasmic feeling which is just in this “technique” so it’s gonna be more fun for you I think.
Little sidenote: Did you ever notice that feelings are starting somewhere in your body and move somewhere else?
Thus stopping an emotion or letting it flow against its natural “circle” is reducing or effectively killing it (well the one you are experiencing in that moment).

IOW: I think it’s a nice idea although it is taking A LOT of time to not get excited when skidding into an orgasm _and_ move the orgasmic feeling away from the trigger zones (the ones below/under your glans and around the prostate).

YMMV as always.

edit: BTW I’m trying to de-mystify this whole “anal breathing” / “chi kong” technique.. Unluckily the last guy I met who succeeded with this technique is more into his religion than into helping me find out what _really_ happens (not what he thinks is responsible for it, eg. God, Allah, <insertdeityhere>).


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What’s this? A topic concerning anal breathing and no comments about bad breath?


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I have heard of people talking out of their ass, but breathing our of their ass?

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I have anal halitosis really bad.

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ROFLMAO when I read the tidal to this thread

Yeah, beware the tidal anal breathing..

Hm, now what is this exactly ? :-k

Ok ok so now it’s even funnier

I can exhale out my ass no problem it’s called a Fart it’s the breathing in that escapes me

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A hotties ass will pulse and breath if a hard stick is stuffed in it… I can vouch for that and will investigated this method.


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