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I don’t think I can pull of the gangster look. I think my face is too boyish to make that work. But I like the Brad Pitt hair in that drawing. I wonder if I can use it?

Originally Posted by twatteaser
No problem, I think I over customize it into NarcoChiC! I have the Linen suits, the silk shirts, and the snake skin boots.

Yeah, but a man with your size probably doesn’t get that much criticism.

Originally Posted by Maxtro
I’ve always wanted to go shopping with a girl and have her help pick clothes for me, but I don’t know any girls, at all.

I always keep my nails clean and trimmed, I’ve got to work on smiling and frankly I think mine sucks, at least when I try to smile it sucks. I love making eye contact with girls and its something I strive to do.

So I should notice what famous guys my age are wearing? And try to somewhat copy them?

I don’t believe you don’t know any girls at all. I do believe you know some girls whom you are afraid to approach. Try something daring. Approach two attractive girls in some public place like a restaurant or a bar and offer them the challenge. Be totally honest about your reasons: You want to get some style. I will be shocked if they are not completely charmed and flattered. Give them a budget, though. And smile? Honestly, did you ever see a smile on anybody that sucked? Insincere smiles suck, for sure, but never those from the heart.

If you want to look current, you have to notice what “cool” people are wearing. But you are Maxtro and you will have your own style.

You are a good-looking man. You are just afraid to act as if you believed it.



Originally Posted by avocet8

If you want to look current, you have to notice what “cool” people are wearing. But you are Maxtro and you will have your own style.

I totally disagree with this statement. When I read this it makes me think “trendy”, yuck, you don’t want to be the guy who runs out and buys what everyone else is wearing Maxtro. You want to be the guy that has everyone else running out to buy what you are wearing.

OK so I do know some girls but I doubt they can work out. The only girl that I’m currently “talking” too is the online girl I mentioned in the other thread and we haven’t even met yet. The only other girls are my cousins and old friends that I haven’t spoken to in months.

Wow approaching two random women? Heh, it just might work. But what would be a good budget for this purpose? I only work part time at Longs so I’m not bringing home alot. But I’m in need of a full wardrobe make over.

Yeah I will have my own style, I just haven’t figured out what it is yet.

I don’t know if I believe that I’m good looking. My family says I am, but that doesn’t really matter and I’ve had several girls that saw my pictures online say I was cute, but I’ve never heard it from real girls.

So I should be the trendsetter? Heh, that won’t happen for a while.

I wear shades all the time, even after dark, chicks dig that! But I have to, cause I have had lots of eye surgeries, but hell, it gets me chicks.

Yeah get a copy of GQ and flip through those pages to get a sense of style but stay away from those fashion trends that obviously target a specific segment of people, e.g, baggy pants with the seat of the pants down by your knees unless you want to specifically target woman that are into that whole RAP, Home boy, Boyz in the Hood style.

Its not my particular taste in clothes (to each their own) but if the objective is to pick up as many woman as possible and cross over to all ages and subcultures—then you will want to wear something more conservative and yet fashionable so that you can catch the eye of a 20 year old and yet still catch the eye of a “HOT mom” 40 year old as well!!!
For the summer, I think a nice pair of form fitting jeans (not painted on tight but snug) with a pair of black leather boots and a black or white Italian style form fitting tee shirt is an example of casual and fashionable for all times, ages and generation gaps.
Make sure you have the body for this kind of casual wear or you will look silly. Hit the gym if necessary.

Summer is just about here so here a nice link regarding tee shirts:…mer.aspx?page=2

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Ya know what else, I think the Boomhaure method of approaching and asking out every girl in the store would be effective!

One of them is bound to accept? No?


I would advise you check out some magazines and even Queer eye for the straight guy. Then try going to some cool stores, Urban Outfitters, whatever. Lastly, buy your clothes at a discount clothing store. You can easily find cool clothes on the cheap this way. Old Navy has some fashionable clothes you can buy with little scratch. But as I said, it’s a good idea to look around at the expensive stores then find similar items at cheaper shops. By the way, pastel colors seem to be very chic this summer. Avoid them at all costs. They look terribly gay unless your hanging out on a yacht.


I wear sunglasses when ever I drive and go outside but never at night. Does it really get chicks?

BTW should I get a hair cut in the near future. I’m having some fun with my cam and the pics are from minutes ago.

I prefer to wear semi-baggy jeans but they always fit. Bah, why can’t I find pants that are 32-30 X 29-28?

Interesting supersizeit. So I should wear snug clothes? Right now my body is can only be described as skinny and soft. Ah hell here’s a pic too.

Oh BJT. Find out what’s cool and buy what’s similar at discount prices. Pastels, yuck. Never.


I’m like you. I’m not a pick up artist. I don’t know if I ever will become good at it. I need to have regular contact and get to know a woman a little bit before anything may come of it.

Try this. Join some type of extra-curricular activity where you know you could meet women, something in which you can have regular contact with them. Don’t alientate yourself however, take something that you’re interested in too. Yoga classes are great, it’s like 10 women for every one guy and it keeps you in shape. Maybe a night-school course in film?

The great thing is that you can be yourself and you will have plenty of opportunities to talk with anyone that catches your eye.

Good luck!

pingpang, yeah I’m not a pick up artist but to be one is my goal. I want lots of women.

Yoga, eh? At the yoga class at my college it was only filled with old ladies. Do young hot girls take it too. But I definitely want to take a class next semester where there where the majority of people are girls, actually it doesn’t even have to be in college.

Hey, I wanna say that style and fashion is really not an issue.
As always, women say what they don’t mean or wrongly feel.
Although I’ve always been abit of a fashion dude, I’ve never got any chicks.
Well, style is cryptic, style is not cloths and looks!

It’s simply how you walk the walk, and talk the talk…


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Yea, go to one of those trendy hot-yoga studios in the hip part of town, there are young ladies galore. stay away from the college ones at all costs! In Toronto it’s hip and alternative to do yoga, I’m not sure what it’s like where you live. You may have to find something else.


and let’s not forget the pheremone cologne!


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