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Shaving: removing the shadow?


Originally Posted by androNYC
But otherwise I concur- most employers don’t want two alphas in the room- only room for one per office space

I think it’s a worthy line of inquiry- would you start a thread on it?
I’d love to join in.


Ask and ye shall receive:
Alpha Males and Faux Alpha Males in Corporations

Good man.

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Is it even possible to get a close shave thats smooth without going against the grain of the hairs? Everytime I shave with the grain, I never get a close shave. But if I go against it, I get a super close and smooth shave, but risk ingrown hairs. I can’t win!

I also can never get a close shave with an electric razor. Something that does help is to use some electric pre-shave lotion. It does tend to make your whiskers stand up more and get a bit closer. It probably wont help you get as close as you want but it should get closer then without it.

I use the Lectric Shave stuff and it does help. And it helps to shower and exfoliate before shaving too. But I was talking about using a blade. Is it every ok to go against the grain? It seems that you always get a closer shave that way.

I think going against the grain is a necessity.

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