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Grooming questionself conscious

Grooming questionself conscious

Hi everyone, I have recently started PE-ing. My question is to guys who have hair on their butt. I am afflicted with this condition and am pretty self conscious about it. It is stopped me from being more intimate with girls because I am afraid of their reaction to this. I am college age, and was wondering what the deal is with this. Will it gross out a girl?

Many men are hairy and nearly all guys have hairy asses. It comes with the chest, legs, face, and pits thing. Contrary to what the media would have you believe, I have found every woman I have slept think that having being average hairy is very masculine. I’m not a gorilla but have some moderate chest, ass, bush, and leg hair; pretty much what most men have. Having been through many years of health clubs, boarding school, and college, I can say unequivocally that plenty of men have butt hair and I’ve never had a chick think the less of it and in plenty of cases I knew the chicks who these guys were banging.

If we’re talking about ass crack hair then there’s no difference. I’ve had chicks “go there” and none have thought anything of it. FYI, many women also have some crack hair too.

Enjoy being a man and enjoy the bod hair. It’s a huge aphrodesiac. No matter what women say, they get going and they really like it. Two, that I can think of, have said, “You’re so manly,” while running their fingers through my chest hair.

So, no. Women know that guys are generally a lot hairier than they are and most find it a turn-on.

Another opinion

My experience is the body hair is a plus only in the right places. For MOST women, back hair on a guy is a bad thing. I hate say it, but get a good wax technician and get it done every 4-6 weeks. As for butt and butt crack hair, also a bad thing, I do NOT recommend wax here, but some do it. Try just using a pair of clippers - the kind you buy at the drug store for cutting hair - usually ~$30. Keep the butt and crack hair trimmed down to the very very short almost shaved look. All other body hair seems to be OK with chicks. Personally, I like to keep my penis and nuts shaved too. I have gotten lots of positive feedback from women for doing this.

I agree with Jason_Els.

I feel quite odd as I have very little chest and stomach hair, back hair, or anything, but quite alot on my legs. Does this make me self concious? Not anymore really.. I’ve seen some guys my age who look like they have the legs of an 11 year old.

In the same way that the media would like women to think that guys ONLY want stick thin, huge breasted models [which we all know, ultimately, is not true], they portray the idea that men should have no hair.

In reality, you’re just like the rest of us :)

If it bothers you that much I would just trim it, I trim my chest and my back, I also shave my dick, balls and try and get as much as my taint as possible. My wife doesn’t really care if I do this or not, she says shaving the dick and balls is a plus for when she goes down on me but in all reality it doesn’t matter.

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