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Boy have I got a story for you guys.......


Boy have I got a story for you guys.......

Its about my experience with Nair Hair Removal Cream and my package. As I’m writing to you as I type, I sit here in agony for my balls have been taken to a whole new different realm of pain in which I have never experienced. I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of my self so let’s start from the top shall we?

It was a Saturday night,(this past one) I’m getting ready to hit the clubs with my boys. Well it just so happened to be the same day that I would routinely shave Pete and the twins. Well I had just so happened to come across some Nair and decided that I would use it for the first time. After all, I’d heard great things about it from a thread in PE Forums. Well I read the bottle and part of the directions were to first try a small amount of it on the area that you wish to remove hair to see how it will react to your skin. But I was like f*ck that, I don’t have time to wait around (My friends were heading over just then so the reaction test was out of the picture.) So I wasted no time, in greasing up the “boys” and I decided to let it sit for 6 minutes because hey, the bottle said it could irritate the skin if removed too early. As a couple minutes go by I start to feel a little burning sensation but it was bearable at the time so I decided to think happy thoughts( like my testicles aren’t burning, they arEN’T BURNING!!) Six minutes rolls around, and it’s time to use the warm washcloth(THANK GOD!!!) The moment I take one wipe under the twins all F*CKIN’ HELL BREAKS LOOSE!! I don’t really know how to put into words other than it felt like like my balls felt like they were run through McDonald’s damn deep fryer!!! So my soon to be impotent ass jumps into the shower and I turn that f*cker on full blast. Warm water, cold water water I didn’t give a sh*t what came out of shower head as long as it was some form of liquid that would extinguish the fires from hell on my poor helpless balls. When I finished hosing myself off, I examined my crucified sac and come to see that the Nair had burned my balls RAW. The first layer of skin was somewhat evident on my sac but not much. Sh*t, my balls rivaled the same color as hot coals. So I waddled over to the drawers in the bathroom to find anything to help me in my time of need. What do I find to save the day? It was neosporin. Small applications to the infected area didn’t apply here so I took a big glob of it and smothered my sac. Let me tell you, the moment I did that I swear it had felt as if god’s healing hand was placed on it.

If you think that was end to my super day, guess again. That’s just the first half of the story. The other half is what happened at the club. But that’s another story, and I don’t really feel like writing a damn book on my first post here on this forum.

So in conclusion, I would like to give you some words of advice. You must ask yourself one question when using Nair, how do I want my balls: well done or medium rare? Remember, friends don’t let friends use Nair!!

Oh you poor man!!!!! Take heart tho, it will heal. In about a week :(

Nair is one of the most caustic substances out there. I got a nasty burn from it too, I was lucky, it was just my pits. Keep using the ointment and apply cold compresses.

And NEVER NEVER NEVER use Nair on Mr. Happy and the twins again.

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You poor bastard, I can’t believe you still went out. Let me ask you though, did it bother the shaft or just the berries, because I dont shave the berries.



Just in case you guys need any ideas on hair removal.
At the top of my forum is & has been an article called

I’m really sorry Wannabe8x6 about what happened to you.

For future reference nair chemically melts your hair & it does the same to your skin. Any chemical hair remover works that way.
I wouldn’t use it on any part of my body but then again I learned the hard way too years ago on my legs.

I cant imagine using it down there. Poor guy.

A really good healing oil you can use believe it or not is castor oil.
It will heal it really fast & is very soothing also.
I got my finger burned not long ago & thats what I used on it.
It healed really fast & soothed the burn. I didn’t even have a blister after I used it.
It cant hurt you either.

At any rate good luck & I feel for you!

Bugger That!

That is a real crying shame - shame on you for doing such a thing.
You should have read more in the forums, somewhere there is a warning about using this substance.

The damage is done and I really feel sorry for you, at least you have learnt a very good lesson and you won’t do it again.

A very good remedy for such incidents is HONEY but how you can apply it to this area is a bit of a quandry, unless you are prepared to have a sticky mess down there and also your underwear.

Honey is a very good healer for many things, burns, ulcerated skin, cuts and abrasions. Believe me it really works well and fast.

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That must of sucked. :eek2:

Lets hear the rest of that story……

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what bout using “NADS” for your nads?

Nads would hurt just as much, if not more. It hurt just using it on my chest. The redness after wasn’t pretty either.

So what did we learn here today kids?….. Nair, Nads, Waxing and Tweezers are big no no’s to the testicles.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


I applied the nair halfway up my shaft as well but there was no irritation there, only on my sac.


Wannabe8x6 sorry to hear that man, OUCH!!



That must’ve been a bitch and a half. I can’t belive that you went clubbing after that. I’ll bet that even walking was difficult. You should do like I do and shave the shaft with a brand new and very sharp razor and leave the sac hair alone.


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Your story remembers me of a story over here in Holland. A woman was sueing a company cause from using their hair removal product to get rid of her hair around the ‘bikini-line’, she got 2nd degree burns. They even showed photos on tv…..and it looked like a lot of OUCH!

(Btw, it was a product from those “as seen on tv” )

i wrote and told people not to use that stuff way last spring I tired it and burnt my balls off,, if you look back in the past post im sure youll find my post. Sorry you didnt see my post first


How long did it take for your package to heal up from the burns and start back up with PE? If you don’t mind me asking, what ointment if any did you use to help the healing process?


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