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Anyone know any cures for a receding hair line?


EMU oil,

It awakens your sleeping follicles only if they are resting, due to stress or skin conditions.

EMU oil

what is it and where do you get it?

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sorry anna, didnt keep up with the thread, search the internet and get pure emu oil, its working for me so far……….


Plain and simple - it works, and very well. Made my hair thicker, even.

I did it for about 1.5 years shortly after my divorce then stopped because my outlook about myself changed. I didn’t particularly care if I lost my hair and in fact really haven’t had much loss at all since then. Hereditarily it looks like my family only goes to such a point then stops and it’s fine with me. Either way, I feel secure enough that I didn’t care to buy it anymore.

About $50 a month for a prescription, I never had any side effects (basically they are sexual - can’t get it up, and only a few guys report having it - which makes me wonder because sooo many things can affect your tree-growing ability).

Well, I am not gonna pump a drug. But my own personal experience is that it does work.

Are Propecia and Monoxidil the same stuff made by two competing companies? Or are they just subject similiar? Thanks! TT


Propecia is a pill you take once a day. Females should never physically touch the pill. It will affect their fertility in horrific ways. Look that up on Merck’s website if you are concerned. Let me put it this way - they sell them to the pharmacies in sealed containers that the pharmacists just hand to the patient. It’s a hormonal thing.

Minoxidil is a liquid you apply to the scalp once or a few times daily (I can’t remember). It’s a hassle, in my opinion. Also routinely causes headaches for the uses. It preceded Propecia but IMO isn’t anywhere as effective. And almost everyone I’ve known who’s tried it has regular headaches - one of it’s side effects.

I havnt been very active at thunders place in a while. From the info I got on this thread I decided to try nisim. I have been using it for about one month now and I do think it is working. It has not really been long enough to say all my hair has grown back (I had lost very little). But it may appear that my receding hair line is reversing. I may need a few more months for a deffinite answer on this.

Propecia (finesteride I think) was/is used to treat BPH. I believe it is the same as Proscar, but maybe in a different strength.

Very interesting product

If you want to order, we insist that you do so entirely at our risk. That is why each bottle of NewHair Biofactors comes with a No Risk, 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

If you purchase our shampoo and aren’t completely satisfied with your results, simply return it within 30 days, and we’ll issue you a full refund-no questions asked.

If you purchase our NewHair Biofactors Hair Regrowth Extract and don’t grow back all the hair you ever dreamed possible after 3-6 months of proper use, simply return the unused portion or empty bottle(s) - which ever the case may be - and we’ll issue you a full refund.

We want you to order without feeling like you might get ripped off or taken, which is why we offer this no risk unconditional money back guarantee.

We want you to purchase NewHair Biofactors today, use it, and if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, simply return it for a prompt, friendly refund. You simply can’t lose!


With our shampoo, you can expect to dramatically decrease your hair loss within just a week.

In our clinical study, 85.7% of participants regrew a significant amount of hair (increased hair count by at least 30%). In addition, 2 out of 5 participants (40%) at least doubled their hair count!

Unlike most treatments, whatever hair growth gains you make from NewHair Biofactors can be maintained simply by proper continued use of our shampoo.

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied, or we will completely refund your money -

I have no affiliation with company ~N2

Hey N2G,

Have you ever heard the saying “Only 5% of people will ever bother to actually ask for a refund”? That is how most of these outfits get away with offering a 100% guarantee. 95% of their customers will never complain no matter how crappy their product is. And if they make it a little complicated (like saving the empty bottles for six months, or following directions to the letter) less than 5% will ask for a refund. AND it gives them a good excuse to deny as many refund requests as they can get away with.

Not saying that this company/product is like that, but most 100% guarantees aren’t worth the electrons they are written on.

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Beware of snakeoils!

I´m a long time balding guy and I have been quite devoted to the subject for the last 6 years.

My first suggestion is to visit

It´s a free site with lots of great information, not unlike this one, and a member forum - where people are as devoted to hairloss as we are to PE.

If this is the place to go for PE hairlosshelp is the place to go for hairloss!

DON`T buy into one of the zillions herbal treatments, 99.9% of them are SCAMS and SNAKEOILS. There are only 2 FDA approved treatments proven to grow hair and those are minoxidil and finasteride. Minox is found in rogain/regain/headway and a vast number of pruducts, sometimes together with retin-a and/or azelaic acid, both proven to promote hairgrowth. Finasteride is found in proscar and propecia.

The latest star on the hairloss sky is dutasteride, active ingredient in a drug on the way to the end of the year (hopefully).

Read more about dutasteride at…rovedEurope.cfm

If you think the PE-industry is dirty, heh, you aint seen nothing yet… The hairloss industry is way more nasty, no shame in lying here, that´s why I recomend staying with the proven products. is another good site to look at, though it´s not as up to date and hairlosshelp.

Do the same amount of research on hairloss as you did on PE before starting to mess with it, chances are you´ll just end up spending a lot of time and money on the wrong stuff and become too synical to care after a while if you don´t.


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Proscar is 5 mg finasteride and Propecia is 1 mg, buy proscar and split the tabs, saves a bundle of money. Besides, not everyone responds to 1 mg a day, some might need more and then you can just take half a 5 mg tab instead of 2.5 propecia tabs (which would cost you BIG dollars).

Nioxin does not work for me

but then again what EVER works for me. Nothing really.

I am one of the nerdy, “lumpy” , slopping forehead guys who looks very very ruggedly
handsome with hair, and totally idiotic with thin hair on top. Bald I would be the
laughing stock and I would not have the “look” that I know drives a few women
on the fringe crazy. I believe that it is a passing craze brought about by the urban
“black myth” and from professional athletes.

Bald does look good on some guys, I will agree, so long as your forehead is not
slopped back or lumpy, and you have a more roundish face than a tall thin one.
I lose on all counts but I am a lady killer with a mop top. Bald can really look bad on the
other poor guys.

403 very graciously recommended Nioxin to me (Nisum about the same) and I have
used it over a month with zero results. I also team it with Rogaine (called the Roagine
people and they said it was perfectly OK) which had worked miracles on me for 3
years and all of a sudden just stopped.

Now my hair loss is apparently accelerating again, though it may be to too early to
tell whether it is due to new hair regrowth pushing out a lot of old hair. My luck would
discount any “good” reason.

Not only can I no longer do PE, I must endure my loss with thinning hair (and all
the “rest”), without the prospect of the bald alternative.

IMHO, Nissum and Nioxin do not work at all. They seemed to at first until I got a
few 50 and 80 plus lost hair washings. Thus, it may work for some but for all, as one
poster said. It helps to be lucky.

emu oil has stopped my hair loss, and some new hair are growing, not a miracle growth, but hey, at least i wouldnt get any more bald…….


Did you even bother to check the link I posted? I may not be a long time poster here and I know age is a factor of credibility in any online community, but I´m no newbie, not to internet nor to hairloss. You may chose to ignore my advice but it´s your loss, in more ways than one.

You´re not likely to see results within 3 month with any product. For a fair evaluation you should use if for at least 6-8 months.

Good luck!


EMU oil helped you, that´s great. Congrats! You may get even better results if you add rogain.

EMU oil isn´t snakeoil but it´s not tested for hairloss either, it do enhance the penetration of topicals such as minoxidil though, so it might be benificial in conjunction with it.

It´s also great for scalp and skin irritation, so if your hairloss comes from that EMU oil in itself might help. I would still suggest using it togteher with something that´s proven to work.


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