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Zinc and other heavy metals - toxic levels?

Zinc and other heavy metals - toxic levels?

Hey guys I was wondering about the amount of Zinc present in some of the supps I’m taking are within the safe limits.

one contains 12.5 Mg “Zinc Chelated” (once daily in morning)
The other contains 12.5mg “Zinc Citrate” (once daily in evening)

So I guess that’s 25mg total, but it seems to me that “Chelated” and “Citrate” may decrease the amount of actual Zinc in it. These are part of multivitamin style sups. Likewise, are there any other suppliments I should avoid taking relatively high doses of? I know fat-soluble vitamins are a bad idea, as are heavy metals…

I believe we had a Dr. of Pharmacology on the board somewhere who may be able to answer this :)


I’m not an expert, but on some of the supps threads I’ve read that 30 grams seems to be the max. Your 25 per day sounds good since you’re probably getting other zinc in your diet. Also, if you’re not taking copper, get some. Around 2 mg. per day is the norm I think.

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Ok, between 2 of the 3 pills I take they contain 2mg of copper. Guess I’m in the clear that way. Thanks!

It’s also difficult to know the absorbtion levels of the supplements individually. What goes in is almost certainly more than what gets used. Perhaps safer just to head for the middle line.


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